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  1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Does get on people's nerves when it starts to go thru the mic tho.
  2. I'm going to guess that you have gotten the red rings of death or E74 since you bought the packs. You can either download the free versions of the packs, or go to xbox.com and change your primary console. What this does is it allows you to do is redownload the premium content, so that other users of that xbox can play it too.
  3. I haven't really played the easy 1K GS games, unless you include the Lego Star Wars games. I used to get quite a bit of crap for playing Viva Pinata tho. The games actually aren't that bad after you can get past the kiddie skin.
  4. What is so great about it? This is supposed to be Sony's biggest game this season and I just don't see the appeal. Also, I am thinking about getting a PS3 after I get a job. What games should I get?
  5. OK, to the guy that is the british fanatic, you know how much the russians and americans did. Like someone said before, the russians sacraficed so much and made the war easier on the western front. The American part of the campaign is in the Pacific. We did most of the fighting in the Pacific. Yes, you did assist us, but it was mainly us who pushed forward to win the war. I thought that they should have added a part to the campaign where the British fought against the Italians. I'm not to familiar with the fight against the Italians, but it is 'World at War'.
  6. It's definitly fun. I find that I don't want to get off until I finish the game I'm playing. I am haven't played it lately becuase I always played as the Americans, and end up winning every time.
  7. Does he get in the car when it gets to the far right? Also on recruit do your weapons give you more ammo if they run out?
  8. Does the ammo the venders sell regenerate? I have plenty of caps, but no ammo to buy.
  9. Just read that on the Fallout wiki, but thanks for the post. Now all of us that are confused will be able to get the quests done.
  10. If you figured it out, could you please help us that are in the dark?
  11. Me too, I think I missed some questions.
  12. Did you use the Tank Busters? If you get overwhelmed, call them in and all the tanks will go boom so you can catch your breath, and gather some ammo. Also the recoilles turrets work the best so you can run between them, but if they don't work, then use the tank method as mentioned above.
  13. The only map you need would be of the Spare Parts. I think IGN has one of those.
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