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  1. Seems logical. I will set my sights towards a WP8.
  2. Like the title says. If I got a phone with WP7, would I be able to play WP8 games or the other way around? Is there a difference?
  3. Map awareness is essential. Know the maps, and people are less likely to sneak up on you.
  4. Hey Linus, I noticed your friend request, but I didn't recognise your name at first. I'll accept it now. Your bio on live is awesome, by the way. Hail Anthrax!
  5. I've been meaning to bring up this topic for a while. After reading about some campaign achievements, I noticed that they can only get unlocked if you go back to the mission using rewind. I have some questions about "rewind": What does rewind actually do that the replay mission option does not? If you use replay a mission to do challenges or other mission specific achievements, does that screw you out of getting achievements that require rewinding? I beat the campaign, and I'm nervous that I could have blocked myself from getting the 2 futures achievement because I replayed other missions to get challenges without using rewind.
  6. So does emp'ing a player or the machine make him lose the perk, or both? That's pretty lame. I had somebody emp the box on me a few times and it blew my mind.
  7. I'll help! Got real close to trip cap the other day. I'll set up a class accordingly.
  8. I'm down to help out with it. I tried to add you on live, but your friends list is full.
  9. Mucho gracias. Quick and easy achievement in the bag.
  10. I do well with a mild buzz, but I start to get progressively worse the more I drink.
  11. I agree. I'm having most of my trouble getting the gold medal in 720 and doing the racing games. Finishing one level of smash TV is a given for extreme difficulty, too. The games just don't handle well on the 360. Any additional tips or tricks for these games would really be appreciated. One trick that I'm working on with 720 doing the downhill race is timing the landing with the direction the skater is turned when hitting the next ramp. I can consistently get a silver medal without jumping and staying on the "inside" of the turn into the next ramp. It's still extremely hard to pull off reliably though.
  12. I can't make it past the bonus round. I have no idea how beating this is possible, but people have done it.
  13. The community on xbox is very close to dead now. What a shame because it's a great game.
  14. Surely paying the F2P version on PC has no effect on your xbox rank, right?
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