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  1. Same for me downloaded free version from marketplace but unable to connect also? Only need the gold stars on vietnam weapons for 100% as i never got around to finishing it but it seems it wont be possible now? Any heads up on the current state of this game on the vietnam MP would be useful before i delete it forever!
  2. Yes,message and generous gift received.thankyou
  3. Id try the "achievement/item trading thread" above.youll have more luck there?
  4. I would also be greatful of your help as the above reply states,one or two achievements may prove impossible now i would like to get this? Gamertag below and can get this sorted whenevers good for you? Thanks! Oh just noticed your players have gone but a coin gift would be appreciated
  5. Im afraid the dragon head glitch isnt an option best method by far is the one below i shared on another thread.nothing new or complicated when you get the hang of it, just be careful!!! although if you fuck up ive plenty boss souls waiting for you youll probably need to reach lvl 160 ish 1st which you could achieve from your current level in a few hours? Offers there anyway m8 I never used the "roll" method,i equipped a battleaxe in my right hand.(used this weapon as it has a nice steady swing,not to quick/slow) 1. Make sure your consumable soul is highlighted in bottom left hand icon on your screen 2. Have any type of battleaxe in right hand 3. Make sure theres plenty space around you so's not to disrupt the movement of your weapon 4. Now swing battleaxe (i use RB2) 5. Just over half way through this swing hit X,then immediately hit START and if done correctly you should now be looking at a screen asking if you want to consume estus flask 6. Press A to consume flask (empty or not,dont matter) 7. After drinking the flask you should now be looking at a screen asking if you want to consume your highlighted soul. 8. You should now be able to safely consume the soul? As posted previously theres no real trick to it apart from hitting X at the correct point when swinging weapon.you dont need to be super fast with the button combinations neither,just a nice n steady rhythm.also in theory you shouldnt be able to fuck up & consume the soul for real by mistake because during this process,if you dont consume an estus then you quickly abort at this point & start over. Edit - sorry for the poor copy & paste,doing this off my phone
  6. Well i have multiple souls from each of the bosses so your welcome to keep them all.my character is lvl 192 though so you may have to power level for summoning,but way faster than extra playthroughs! Maybe use the soul glitch? Either way message me if you need help
  7. Seems to be a pattern here as i agree too! Too much of what made DS1 epic was messed about with and tbh ive ended up frustrated with this,to the point ive not played for a while.its simple really,DS1 imo was/is,for me,a stunning game.i was on the fence for a while desperately trying to like this but it keeps finding ways not to challenge me but,piss me off! I refuse to despise or run down DS2,i respect the franchise too much,im just one of those whos simply gutted ive not enjoyed it more
  8. Come on still sat waiting lol,must be someone still needs these? Be a piece of piss as no ones around online making matchmaking easy
  9. Yes see your point,seems EA are on a charm offensive? Although i still dont understand why theyd switch these servers back on as most fifa12 players will have sold up now after they switched them off! We shouldnt complain though because gamers have been shafted for years,having to buy online passes & having game servers switched off after two years! My view has always been that we pay for xbox live & as such all online aspects for ANY game should be accessable indefinately for free & without interuption,so a step in the right direction.wonder if their policy of switching servers off will change in future now? Looks likely?
  10. Just picked this up cheap because the online servers are back online so im looking to boost any online cheevos asap GT - i Mr Pete
  11. Im stunned! Never seen this before,an EA fifa game pulled online then switched on again.why?
  12. Am i missing something? Wheres the minimap (back button) in hardcore games? First cod ive played online since MW3 but it seems to have gone?
  13. Ur spot on there dude! Imo MW2 is STILL the best COD MP out there & i still play hardcore S&D regular.ultra smooth engine,simple killstreaks & perks,definately one for the purists.WaW was another personal favourite of mine allbeit more difficult but the modders have killed it.the main reason i picked ghosts up was i fear MW2 will end up a modded mess eventually, so at some point ill need another MP shooter.only had it a day so not made my mind up yet but i have noticed the spawn thing the guy above mentions about being spawn killed within a couple of seconds.not sure if its an issue/problem? But its happened a few times in domination games!
  14. Same here,i much prefer the hardcore game,way it should be played imo.im completely baffled as to why you cant access this mode from the game? And despite some research i still cant find any answers,Wierd!
  15. Ok cheers.why on earth do you have to do this though?
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