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  1. Had a good time with that Infernax game lately. It dropped on gamepass. It’s Castlevania 2 plus Zelda II AND if you use the Konami code it becomes Contra 2 lol it’s a crazy game but a homage to these type of titles back in the NES era. I am also putting more time into BOtW...I don’t know it suddenly for my interest so might as well enjoy its. Mostly on the pot but sometimes I continue something. Shrines and side quests...
  2. Congrats on your success. It honestly may boil down to the quality of the apps I’m using. I’ve done Tinder, OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish, Bumble and a mix of other free ones over the years (even a few gaming based ones) and my luck has been zilch. I find physical attraction important in a match and while someone may chime in to say “looks aren’t everything” it is very subjective what matters to who. Even as looks age there’s still a foundation of beauty within that person and if I can’t see it in someone I’m not going to be happy. As such most of the women who have liked me were the ones you wouldn’t find at bars - not to belittle their appearance but more than a few probably haven’t had someone before. It’s not their fault by any means and I don’t go for them but someone might and I wish them the best of luck. The few ones I found attractive (by few I mean a few hundred, the rest of the matches were by mistake simply swiping) were generally ghosts after awhile or never responded. Some even unmatched me before I had a chance to message them...I was their “mistake” swipe. I get that my wants and what a woman wants may not line up a lot especially because I don’t have a lot to show for it. Premium sites like Match or eHarmony are usually men and women with their shit together. They can afford to drop a sizable monthly subscription or higher quarterly/half a year sub to meet someone. I’m not in that boat to be able to afford it...my job pays alright but it’s by now means enough to secure a house. My life right now is “games and anime”...it’s dreadfully boring and I can blame some of that on covid because I’d love to travel. So...right now I don’t have a great deal to offer a woman outside loyalty. My confidence is shot after a few interactions I’ve had so...I’m struggling to have game when it comes to this thing these days. Let me just say it’s very intimidating to date when you don’t have much to say about your own life. It’s just my personal experience. If it works for someone else more power to them but for me I haven’t had much success in over a decade. This was pre covid too...and I get the sentiment of bars and such I feel the same. I’m not someone who can go and hit on chicks there...I felt more comfortable with the ability to text someone but I could never hit it off with many girls this way either. Not to say I’m tripping loser cards as I was married once, have had multiple flings with a few relationships and do have a son but I realize my own situation isn’t attractive to women my age. I’m in my early 30’s and women around this time want a man with his life together - I don’t and I’m not sure if I can. I almost got it together with one girl but I was doing it because she inspired me then she left for her ex husband and I fell from there. sigh...I want the apps to work I do but I’m tired of most the women who swipe right on me not being my thing. You should never alter your standards and I’d have to drop my bar so low I might as well wander a homeless camp for a woman based on some of these women. It’s a point of irritation that makes me a bit resentful but nothing more than frustration.
  3. I just completed Touhou Luna Nights. It is, for lack of a better word, “ZA WARUDO!”-vania. You control a maid with the ability to stop time. Most metroidvanias have the stopwatches you can use but this is her entire gimmick - she also only uses daggers as a weapon (even more DIO reference here!). She’s more dangerous than any Belmont with daggers though and it doesn’t feel like a handicap at all. She can throw a crapton just as a general attack but her special moves are insane with them. it’s not a super long Metroidvania with only 6 main areas. The enemies are Castlevania inspired from skeletons to Frankenstein monsters and a number of other bizarre things. The bosses are all other waifus that you don’t kill despite explosions going off when defeated lol if not for her ability to stop time they’d be tougher than your standard Metroidvania bosses. Music’s alright, nothing I’ll be popping on YouTube to listen to on a workday lol Achievement list is pretty well balanced which makes you 100% the game and do Boss Rush. Not a tough 1000, I could have finished this in a couple days but I spaced it out. Overall it was a fun play and I had to get it done before it left Game Pass. 7/10. —- Hitman 3 - I’ve been playing this off and on since it hit Game Pass. I had previously completed Hitman 2 (including every single challenge not just the achievements), Blood Money HD and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Other than 3 I only have Contracts to do and Absolution HD then the entire Hitman franchise including both Hitman GO’s is done. It’ll be my second series completion after Resident Evil (minus some 360 stacks and finishing up Z Version Village). No need to review it - it’s damn good. Just like the other new Hitmans it fills the void left behind by many retired stealth franchises.
  4. Having spent maybe 10 years on them now following the separation (and subsequent divorce) I have to say it’s been an absolute waste of time. I have succeeded in a handful of meetups with all but one being a hookup (with a date or two preceding it...is that still a hookup? I don’t know...). The most recent was “hang out and see what happens”...well it happened and well...meh. For the last ten years I’ve matched with probably a few thousand women, less than a hundred held a conversation and didn’t ghost me after a day or two. It happens eventually though...sometimes a few days to weeks even a couple months. That’s the problem with these apps - you can spend forever talking to someone without meeting. I’ve tried to initiate a meetup a few times but it gets dodged and I was a pushover so I moved on from it to keep talking until things just fizzled out. Most of the matches resulted probably because I just swipe and swipe sometimes looking to see who liked me. Many times I do swipe on a cute girl and it’s a bot or more recently girls promoting their onlyfans. I’ve paid for the memberships that let you see who likes you and the disappointment from burning that money away - they’re never women my type. That has to be my biggest issue with dating apps is the abundance of women that take interest in me that have nothing I desire. Enough to irritate me... Anyways...I’m no 10. I’m an average fellow, sometimes I think I look alright other times not so much. Nobody’s on there looking for a regular guy so...I’ve deleted most of the apps. I kept one...I don’t know maybe some hope of winning the jackpot but honestly it’s probably gonna be gone soon too.
  5. New Dino Crisis would be great! I’m doubtful considering their abandonment of that IP but if they did then awesome. Hopefully we get RE that’s my main hope. Hitman I deep dived big time. I did every single challenge in Hitman 2, even for stuff with no achievements like Patient Zero. When I finished it up I transferred over to Hitman 3 and played a bit more casually but I really enjoyed the enhancements of the third game. My time with earlier Hitman games proved rough...Blood Money is still really good but it had me missing the WOA trilogy mechanics on more than a few levels. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was hell...I’m thankful I only had to silent assassin the first five levels because after that I just killed anyone and everyone I did not care. I had originally given up on it because the controls were so...UGH but I used Microsoft reward money to buy a digital copy so I had to commit for the money spent. I’m holding off on Contracts...that wants all levels Silent Assassin. Hitman is phenomenal and really taps into my love of the stealth genre. Though it’s technically also a “murder simulator” haha but really it has great controls this new trilogy that really run smoothly and compete with stuff before it (to think Metal Gear Solid V is about 9 years old now...and that was my favorite stealth game). I’d be happy for a Hitman 4 but as Dirty said they’re doing a Bond game. I can’t wait to see more on it! nailed it lol their old ways will have them trailing decades behind the competition. Oh sorry - they don’t really compete anymore, they just do their own thing and the loyal fanbase praises them as infallible. Hah - they most definitely are not! Their business practices are very dated and strict and frankly not user friendly. Too much to say too little time...maybe when I’m in a nice big Nintendo rant I’ll come and drop that here too
  6. I’ve gotten into a number of series over the past few years after being pretty dormant on anime for awhile. - ONE PUNCH MAN (obvious from my Saitama picture). First season was an amazing example of passion project animation as the right people came together and made something beautiful. None of them were around for Season 2 and it went to JC Staff who did...OK. The best sequences involve my favorite character Garou. Hopefully Season 3 uses a better studio because I’ve been following both the webcomic and manga up to date for years now and things get CRAZY to where it needs somebody top tier to handle it. I’d say Bones, Madhouse or the group behind Demon Slayer for sure. - Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This started a couple years ago when Golden Wind was around the corner and a friend was really hyping me up on it. DavidProduction has done a phenomenal job with adapting Araki’s manga to anime format and each season pushes the envelope for me. I get seriously hyped for new Jojo so I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting the next batch of Stone Ocean episodes on Netflix or for the Japanese airing to reach episode 13 so I can pick up from there. Oh and the voice work is simply amazing in the dub primarily for the villains. Patrick Seitz (Rondo Dracula, Jiren, etc.) as DIO, DC Douglas (Albert Wesker) as Yoshikage Kira and Kellen Goff as Diavolo are amazing - with the latter being God tier IMO as that voice is one of the best I’ve heard in anime for a villain. I love the cold and calculating types for sure but this man nailed a pissed off Italian gangster quite well. - Yu Yu Hakusho. This was actually me returning to finish the series from the beginning as I’ve tried once before (after buying all the blu rays) but I got side tracked by other things preventing me from going back. I finished the Dark Tournament finally and witnessed the Chapter Black arc for the first time. Honestly it’s a superb series and even though the final arc is rushed it’s not bad...there’s nothing bad in YYH it’s just that good of a series. I’m glad I finally finished it; I’ll do Hunter X Hunter in the future to see the mangaka’s next story! - Inuyasha. The current series I’m on and what I’m watching nightly. Another favorite from nearly 2 decades ago that I left behind after a personal tragedy shook my world. Not because I didn’t love the show but you know how loss is...it screws with things. I never finished it so I’m getting closer to the point now where I left off and it’s been a wonderful trip seeing these characters again. Also I had no idea this was the Ocean group back in the day - the same people who did the first dub of Dragonball Z! I’ve recognized a few voices...is Koga the voice of Piccolo for their dub? I gotta check later. I’ve watched a few other things along the way too but just haven’t gone back to finish them. They’re all good it’s just the mood hasn’t hit yet to dive back in. These include: - Demon Slayer (didn’t finish first season) - My Hero Academia (finished season 2 and saw one of the movies in theater) - Castlevania (western made anime but skill...I got part way into season 2) - Naruto Shippuden (I watched all of Naruto with my son including the filler and we got to after the Kakazu/Hidan fight before we stepped away) - Seven Deadly Sins (Started it but stepped away) - Mob Psycho 100 (Started and stepped away) There’s others I just can’t recall at the moment.
  7. I’ve been eating a crap ton of Chick-Fil-A. Always using the app...I’m almost to the maximum level member doing that lol means I get more points per order. Speaking of apps...I use them for almost every fast food chain now. The rewards are nice to get every now and then plus there’s some decent deals to take advantage of. Other than CFA I’ve gone to Freddy’s a lot (a place with Steakburgers), Zaxby’s (southern based chicken joint don’t believe they’re out west), Burger King and McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. Some others from time to time including this fast food Olive Garden place called Fazoli’s.
  8. My time in Breath of the Wild has me thinking it’s a waste of damn time. It’s Nintendo’s fault simply because I’ve become an achievement/trophy Hunter since 2007 and there’s so little incentive for me to pour hours and hours into ...*cough*...”the best Zelda game”. *rolls eyes* Hey all it’s TV back again randomly. With a bit of a rant. So...we love achievements, that’s why we flocked to this site and why I signed up twelve years ago (also starting these Random Thought threads when I was a little less ruled by my depression). It gave me an incentive to do some pretty crazy stuff - beating the hardest difficulties in games, doing ridiculous speed run challenges and crap like the VR Missions in Metal Gear Solid 2 which drove me to temporary insanity on one of em. It wasn’t always so that I loved achievements - aye for most of my childhood I was a Nintendo and PlayStation boy (with some of that Sega mixed in). I played to beat games, sometimes on the easiest setting just to enjoy them and when it came to 3D platformer collectathons I pushed to get every single thing that would give me 100% completion. Spyro, Banjo-Kazooie, Gex...even the heart pieces and skulltullas in Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask. So...achievements came along and I loved em; felt like I was getting all the things in a game and there was the added benefit of a gamertag where I could check it ANY TIME and reminisce like a damn trophy case. Eventually got to the point of joining sites like this and TA for the guides and solutions to unlock as many as I could (generally aiming for full completions if possible). As my gamerscore went up and more completed games filled my tag I felt fulfilled with that! Problem is...I wasn’t getting that anymore from games without achievements. I pretty much left Nintendo in the dust as I chased them and Trophies over on PlayStation. I did pour my time into Super Mario Odyssey as that was pretty good...but when I got BOTW...I gave up before I ever got to the first Saint beast or whatever the hell they’re called (I might be thinking Yu Yu Hakusho with that name lol). This was back on Wii U mind you - everyone was playing it as it was new and I put maybe a month into it. I did a number of shrines, traveled the whole map and didn’t touch a single dungeon because I had the freedom to do it. Even traveled into Hyrule Castle but didn’t fight Ganon. Eventually I reached a point though where I didn’t care to keep playing - I had spent so much time exploring the map and everything that I got burned out - on a single game! I suffer burnout on franchises all the time - do too many Ass Creeds or Hitman games in a row you need a long as break. So I took a break...picked it up on Switch while after and didn’t make much progress at all. I made the game a “I’m bored and taking a crap so let me play for 30 minutes until my leg gets numb from sitting”. I also took it to the laundry mat (before I had my own washer and dryer) to kill a couple hours as the stuff was getting done. Outside of this...I had next to no incentive to play it on my TV...and I eventually sold it. Flash forward to last year and I bought it digital on sale. I thought “yeah it’s time to give this beloved masterpiece a real shot!”...and I’m barely off the Plateau still only playing on the toilet. It’s giving me a real empty feeling - like what’s the incentive to keep going? Playing the “dungeons”, beating Ganon...and there’s this whole giant ass world to worry about. It’s frankly TOO BIG and there’s really too little inside of it. The same moblin camps everywhere, shrines which are just the same themed mini dungeon over and over again with differing puzzles and one piece of a reward that you need 3 more to even see a benefit from. Getting to them is a pain in the ass and makes me feel like it’s hardly worth it. The horse control is garbage and I don’t care for the deteriorating weapons...and the music isn’t that good. These are all my opinions - you might love this friggin game but I’m frankly bored by it. However...IF Nintendo had an achievement system I would have plopped the switch into the dock and grinded out several hundred hours to 100% it if the list called for it. There’s incentive there and Nintendo refuses to adopt the system. They have in game achievements for various first party games, they know the term and how they work but they refuse to adopt a gamertag system where you can display these and build up a collection of completions. I don’t understand why they won’t get on board - PlayStation did, Steam has it, retroachievements adds achievements to classic games including Nintendo ones but there’s no official Nintendo achievement system and that just plain sucks! I never get anything but first party games on switch...and it’s rare I play any. I’ve skipped so many over the years...and I don’t see that changing any time soon. —— Big rant! Bet you guys missed my walls of text lol in closing I like the more linear Zelda’s more than this open world BS. So much land and for an explorer like me you’d think that would be a dream come true...but I hate it. I like to explore but keep it reasonable...there’s other shit to play and do out there in this massive catalogue of games we all have. I’ll take an Ocarina of Time sized Zelda again please or more of those Top down ones as they’re always built right! It’s not a bad game. It’s a good one...but it’s not the Zelda I want. Has a sequel on the way and that’ll be a best seller since everyone I know except one guy feels it’s the greatest Zelda ever. No...they did great before this. I do have Skyward Sword on Switch so I may give that a go finally, never played it on Wii plus I have the amiibo too so fast travel! Maybe one day they’ll make a more linear Zelda but for now this sells so Nintendo will probably keep doing it. Final note is I’m not just a drone who sees achievements and unlocks them lol I enjoy the challenges they present to me (most of the time...) and I have fun with games I’m working on completing! Just at the end of it all I have something to look back on and enjoy in a completed game on my tag. With Nintendo...I have to boot the system and game just to see that. Meh...plus other people can see your completions and getting the occasional fellow achievement Hunter browsing your games and complimenting your efforts feels great! Not gonna get that with Nintendo. okay that’s enough outta me lol hope you all have been well in these troubled times. If you have me on Xbox you’ll probably see me in Hitman 3 - I’m close to having that franchise complete (just need to do Contracts in Hitman HD and Absolution HD) and it’ll be my second completed one after I did ALL the Resident Evils! Ya already know I’m a huge fan of that series lol I hope CAPCOM’s announcement this weekend is the RE4MAKE! Fingers crossed.
  9. I'm waiting on a new console myself. I'm constantly torn between Series X and PS5 but naturally they're rarely available. I'm not about to pay above retail for either of them (screw scalpers). I've finally got the money to do it and it pisses me off because Thursday they were appearing all over the place, even had 2 PS5s locally at my best buy! Just didn't have the funds until Friday...ugh. I've also finally got a 4KTV on the way, consider it the christmas present of christmas presents from my family. 65 inch HDR blah blah blah...life may be turning around in 2021 finally.
  10. Not much longer now until 2020 has left us gentlemen. I believe many in the community have already entered 2021 so Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone has been keeping safe during this hectic year and that we all can find a return to normal going into the new year.
  11. For a brief time some years ago I had a second tag that I intended to be a "completionist" profile. Not littered with things I tried and simply didn't like or games with unobtainables. Like with many things in my life, it was just a phase that passed and honestly I lost access to that tag long ago. I had my completions around 80% on TA for TVthePunisher, now it's sunk further and further over the years as I just don't complete things like I used to. What has remained consistent is that if I really like something on Xbox, I'll pick it up on PS4 where applicable. Why not go for the Platinum if you've already got the 1000 and had a blast playing? I don't know if that counts as sampling or not but...I wouldn't call anybody a Fakepletionist if they only do games they can complete 100% on another tag (Xbox or not). So dat ass will not flock to the girth of my gamerscore? Hmm...granted, mine's not nearly as impressive as some of the "bigger fellows" around here. Modest, maybe a little above average? Honestly it's been over a decade and a half since gamerscore became a thing...I'd expect most people still gaming on Xbox to be over 100K by now. Unless they're truly casual or "don't have the time".
  12. I'm looking to knock out those multiplayer achievements if anyone's willing to run. I haven't done any of the sniper missions myself but I don't think they're supposed to be particularly hard. I'm just after the achievements anyways, challenges and all that...nah that's all good. Reach out on Xbox Live via TVthePunisher if you're needing a partner for this.
  13. Been playing through Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling and I have to agree with everyone I’ve heard calling it a true Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door successor. Visual style is like it and the combat feels like Paper Mario should but more advanced. As a reviewer put it in this video...it’s a Paper Mario for grownups. Can’t just autopilot your way to victory. I’ve been playing with the Hard Mode medal on the whole time and it’s important to utilize the strengths of each of your party in even random battles. [ame] [/ame] Writing is pretty good and reminiscent of that Paper Mario style including the humor. It’s a thicc experience too, I’ve been playing here and there between my off time from work and am only on chapter 3. Of course I’m a “slower gamer” than a lot. I spend extra time doing things but that’s just how I do it. I’ve been having a blast honestly and I’m surprised at how little people have the game on Xbox. According to TA there’s only 50 people...sheesh. It’s a good price too at only 25 bucks. It’s been out on PC since last year I think and it’s had great reviews. —- Speaking of Paper Mario I’ve been running through that with my RetroAchievements account. Anyone here delve into RetroAchievements? It’s a fantastic way to get more life out of older games across many past generations and the lists are pretty good too. Even the classic Resident Evils have lists. It’s been a decade since I’ve read the TOS here so I don’t know if I can talk about how you’d play these games but...for those interested it’s really pretty great for achievements hunters.
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