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  1. remind me "blaze" - arcsystem planning a new game (RPG??) with a the same background... since the trailer got Ragna's shadow, and uniforms are all blue
  2. 3 new characters, No Mu (not confirm), Noel got a new look, Tsubaki turn black, new move and distortion... And Hakuman got the 10,000 damage achievement again (if they really do) Bullet remind me Zenia in AH3... mixing universe?
  3. sorry about that, edited. And the about the achievement, you should give it a try on some battle record they upload, a long time ago there were a few guy do it successful in a championship
  4. that's what I been thinking of ~ hahahahaha
  5. let hope this game up to another 2000G
  6. sera07

    hardest games

    no offense to L4D2 cause I got 1225 with FD boost and events Hands up to all bullet hell and ninja garden - rent it, can't finish the story = whats going on? All shump got the highest difficult 1CC as a 20mins+ no mistake walk - one frame wrong and you are gone
  7. I am not dare to say but you seems keep the normal difficult and rounds and... not using other arcana... eg metal, light, love... Not talking about konaha, Nazuna should be a cake walk in easy? Back to AH3 for a while~
  8. Mine non S are all vehicle... proba I am totally not interest in them and I cant do them damn fast
  9. Skill list on http://p-atlus.jp/p4u/swf/command.pdf http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/picture.php?albumid=2511&pictureid=14326
  10. the game release June in JP so the Aug release is NA/EU? we can also use P3 character (Aegis!!!) so hell yeah ~~ P.S. unofficial news about P5 is just start progress... there could be more news after P4A last DVD release Also if u got sometime, know japanese and a nico ac. U may interest in this
  11. 99 is not trouble, as long as u keep doing the 240 game then u should get 70+... the rest is in arcade
  12. Naught Bear <what give to 600MB?> Knights Contract <ATQ are nightmare> Castlevania LOS <graphic... like zooms> Avatar TLA <...> ... Somwhow I feel sad to these game... may u found a good player to play it
  13. sera07


    He was looking for ninja help him to get Price out (wait?) and next round we also got Snake, haha After Akira, seems we got more in this game... and... is that mean every 3D fighting these day game got guesses now? e.g. Ezio in SCV
  14. GOW2: 100,000 kills I got all others but that one not even halfway... also game disc scratched thanks to something
  15. pretty much thanks to the noise and loading time, the first game I install is Halo 3 and I still remember loading slooooowwwwly with that halo ring =.=
  16. no multiplayer achievement but love see this coming
  17. as long as no mini rpg in this game then I am good
  18. Why the hell fighting Aki? Story before 1.5? looks like can do a minimum 615G by those achievement... Awaiting GOD mode 1CC clear on 50G (please no...)
  19. Another sum up... after a few hold up mission I got my banana rank 3... "what is this shit?" Then I talk to my mate "y I can't have a golden banana just because it turn rank 3...?" It always make my day, hahaha
  20. Let say, use COOPS "put them to sleep" and the beginning of the game if u don't use a mic. I got a solid partner after few game to achieve all S in vehicle battle, also keep in mind that a fulton cannon is in ur battle suit (it is ok if spotted, u still get an S). The rest will be a cake walk. That how I got my 1000G
  21. difficult refer to the number of skull to the mission, no other setting
  22. as well as I remember u can't simply give away those staff u got, if u r trading staff in S rank, ur fd need S rank staff as well eg 1 S combat trade 1 S intel or else I could give away all my S rank R&D, medic, mess hall and intel for elite achievement, simply just send 8 rank A soldier, then u got the achievement for at least 1 of them survive (my team 4 wound, 2 dead still got it)
  23. Thanks. I just played with some random player and yeah, as long as you don't kill any one, it doesn't matter if you get spot - got an S in coop with 350+ camanderia
  24. probably that guy using your name so I kill him
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