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  1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is really good, never thought I'd find a better short anime than Plastic nee-san. Not that the length matters too much, my batch just throws 5 of the skits in per ep for a normal 25 minute run time (because 1 ep was released Mon - Fri then batches on a Sunday). So in that sense it doesn't really feel like I'm watching a short anime, as many other shows have multiple different skits in a single ep. Sabagebu being the most recent one I watched.
  2. What's poppin' dudes. I recently finished Sabagebu and enjoyed it, MC was hilarious. "Mean" characters really are so much better when they're hilarious and recognized for the unabashed assholes they are. Yukari from Azumanga is another fine example. Unlike certain other unnamed characters who are unfunny, uninteresting, pandering, poorly written assholes who's shitty behavior often goes unrecognized. Also finally got around to watching Erased. It was ok I suppose, though it certainly wasn't a point in the anime's favor that I had to read up on outside sources for some context, as the anime cut some important shit out. I doubt I'll watch any of next seasons anime while they air, as I haven't done that in ages. But at a glance I'll probably watch Fate/whatever, Not-Maria Holic, based Teekyu and Kono Suba OVA. Might check out totally not gay diving, but these anime inevitably bore me once the novelty wears off. I've had Free S2 and Stride stalled forever. Nothing offensive enough for me to wanna drop it but they were just so dull. Before any of that though I'll probably catch up on stuff from this season once it all finishes airing.
  3. Every character ever created can be summarized with an unflattering quip if you try hard enough, so it always just comes down to whether you like them personally. There are less VNs that annoyed me than there are anime, but there have been a few I've dropped before finishing the common route. In general even if the character routes promise the world, it's probably a good decision to stop reading if most of the characters and the general feel of the VN aren't to your taste. Can also apply this to anime/manga really, so long as you're not dropping it after 1 ep/chapter.
  4. My G Juicy Yuuji with his hottest truth bomb yet: http://i.imgur.com/xpraHPi.png
  5. Pretty sure that was my first anime after DBZ, Naruto and the usual fare (which I watched on TV and didn't even recognize as being Japanese at the time). Was so early on I even watched it dubbed, re-watched it in Japanese a few years later (but still a long time ago). It's one of the series I have on DVD, Harima still stands up today as one of the best main characters in a school based show.
  6. While I care about cliches less than you, tehapoo isn't wrong. It also abandoned the "new concept" in favor of aggressively pursuing said cliches. I was actually surprised with how quickly it jumped the shark, as though it was trying to break the land speed record for doing so. It pussied out of doing anything genuinely unique in favour of more cookie cutter nonsense. Any uniqueness this series appears to have is surface level only, unless the anime decided to take some serious liberties. Of course I can live with cliches and predictability (probably more so than you can), but the characters generally have to be likeable in that case. Thx bby Mean Girls is one of the greatest movies of all time. There are also many rather unkind female characters I like, just not the shit unfunny ones. I have no patience for pseudo-sympathetic waifu bait.
  7. Masamane kun Revenge is probably the worst manga I ever tried reading, not that there are that many. Though it seemed popular enough so I guess I'm not surprised it got an adaption.
  8. It's pretty funny how Saika is the only genuinely nice character in the series without some sort of emo angst or agenda; just a pure desire to improve the lives of those around him. While everyone else is bogged down in teen drama and tedious facades, he is the shining light that is too good for his series.
  9. OreGairu's best girl has a dick, and 2nd best girl has like 10 seconds of screen time (Yui's mom). Embarrassingly weak field. Nozaki-kun's worst girl is 100x better than OreGairu's best girl.
  10. Welp, at least the top 4 and relegation dogfights will still be exciting!
  11. thx bby Haven't watched much anime lately, but Shokugeki no Cliche S2 was pretty fun. Gotta finally watch Re:Cliche soon too.
  12. One of the main things about this anime is that the "good guys" constantly act like dicks, while the "bad guys" actually have a sense of honor. It's something I like to see in anime.
  13. Jakez watching good, non-airing anime? I've been out of the game too long man, I don't know what's what anymore. As for me, I'm mainly catching up on last season. Finished Swagmoto which was solid, currently watching Tanaka-kun which is perfect.
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