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  1. I've never gotten a board with that set-up for Shape #4. And I know it's just an example, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible for them to give you 3 A's. You need 3 good vowels (A or E) to stand a chance at getting this.
  2. BTW, you wanna plan it so that red meter is full when you get to areas with lots of enemies that drop silver sprockets. When activated (press Y), you seem to get double sprockets. Plan this accordingly with enemy locations and battery pick-ups. If I had figured this out earlier, I probably would have saved an hour.
  3. The current Windows 8 ads show Disney Infinity, along with the green Xbox logo on the app. Maybe they just rushed it for the ad?
  4. Are we allowed to change our region for Win 8 games, or do we risk getting banned like that whole Oman thing?
  5. I tried to get one of the Toy Box achievements, but nothing happened. I downloaded a Toy Box, but nothing showed up, even in the in-game menu. My xbox.com profile doesn't show I've played it. Most not be ready yet.
  6. lol, those "requirements" haven't been fulfilled before.
  7. Yep, same here. One of them is $1.99. How did everyone else get them for free?
  8. Just wanted to remind you that the servers are closed for this game, so "or with a friend over Xbox Live" isn't an option.
  9. Cars Land is in Disney California Adventure, not Disneyland. The building to Star Tours and the entrance to Indy are both in the game, so that would make a nice dlc. CA Adventures could be a stand-alone game/sequel, but the Magic Kingdom (in Disney World) is basically Disneyland with a few differences.
  10. IIRC, you have to do an exact spin on your foot/toes, as in you can't pick up your foot and spin. Also, make sure your Kinect is viewing your entire body, so it can see your arms/hands too. Perhaps try stepping a bit further back? Like flawless said, they are sketchy, and you just gotta keep trying until you get a motion down.
  11. I wish they'd make another one, or a dlc that includes Star Wars and Indiana Jones rides (since Disney owns them now). The park in the game is already out of date.
  12. Is it one of those random "find 10 objects throughout the park" quests they give when there's no other quests left? I don't think those are required for any achievements, but I know I completed them all without a problem. IIRC, you had to play through the AoWtP mini-games/attraction to complete his.
  13. IIRC, I did nothing out of the ordinary for this. Just follow the instructions/motions it gives you before you start the level (its been like a year, but I think it was leaning to move). Like every level in this game, it just takes repeated playing to get used to the level/motions. Try starting the level and just trying every motion out (ignoring coins/objectives/etc). I did this solo. I know, lame advice
  14. Does anyone have a problem with the game lagging/freezing on you? It happens most often when going for streaks. The confetti/sparkles/glinting from the streak numbers causes it to freeze up, and kills my streak. Sometime locks up for up to a second, killing my streak in the process. Happens constantly. I doubt its my PC. It can handle real games, and I have nothing else running/open while I play. Any settings I can change to get rid of it?
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