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  1. well my sig is there in the post So you tell me whats wrong? as far as I can see from the rules there is nothing wrong By your sites rules, So yeah I was wrongly Targeted
  2. Now do not tell me to read the rules I know the rules 500x300 My sig is 500x100 here it is http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4029/4708234507_6ff80f92f8.jpg See for yourself this is the second time this has Happened WTF is going on? which every mod removed it also Removed the Text I had in my Sig Also WHICH was not part of the image and it was one line which was Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight? This Was AOS Puck, How this guy is a Mod is beyond me he can not even see the See this sig was in Limits so also consider this Post as a Complaint I want to see action against this injustice
  3. Flush the giant toilet when they found it by jumping/Ground Pounding the handle?
  4. I heard the orb sound back then also and after playing CD 2 I heard it again today I was freaked out a little
  5. Just downloaded on 11th July 2010 and still works awesome thanks
  6. well actually you do get more but I will say it is VERY VERY little you may as well just play on the tough
  7. I would like to say up front I did not make this or have any hand in doing so all credit goes to the original Creator of this map How I have got that out of the way here is the all important Link Crackdown 2 Interactive Orb Map
  8. the Faze is also in Basic Training 4 and you can use that to boost the damage
  9. Realtime Worlds had Crackdown 2 in minds after the release of the first one, but never got the go a head from MS, Then later on MS Game the sequel to Ruffian Studio which then Hired 90% of the original Crackdown 1 Staff to help make Crackdown 2 so I would say some of the Ideas in Crackdown 2 from Ruffian are some of the Idea's Realtime World had since they are the same staff team
  10. awesome thread Tagged for Later
  11. I used a Machine Gun I don't think Gun's matter
  12. I have never seen a Silver only Gold and Bronze, All you do is Free a Team Mate or Get free'd by a team mate, But this is a One time only event so you need to do it on the first time you or your team mate gets caught or you will need to do the mission again from the start
  13. Nothing will happen when you do it offline, you'll get your nom and your achievement
  14. Boosting in the Games Parameters is Legitimate Exploiting something that isn't in the Games Parameters is illegitimate Plain and Simple
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