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  1. Still on Wednesday for 1 PM EST, just made the post to offer help to anyone that couldn't make it at that time...finding multiplayer peeps is easier said than done even without boosting. I'm usually on my Xbox around then anyway.

  2. Hey buddy, could you please let me know when doom is happening, thanks a lot!

  3. ive come across an annoying glitch and it seems im totally stuck. its early on in the game, so im not that worried but still annoying. Just after the first other world encounter in the diner ive made my way outside using the lift. I picked up the key assuming I would use it later at some point. so I am outside with no way to open up the gate, the key was meant to be for the upstairs area of the diner, and now that im outside the lift has disappeared and there is no way I can find to get back inside and use the key. so be warned everyone, before using the diner lift, make sure you have explored the upstairs area and picked up the RUSTY key. good luck
  4. I have exactly the same problem on my windows 8 pc. any solutions would be helpful. just as a note, i emailed squareloft about this, and after 2 weeks they offered me a free download and said that there was some kind of glitch....
  5. Took me about an hour to get this fight completed, and in the end, i say its not all that difficult, you just need to know what to do. for the first stage, weapons you want are the laser pistol and the smg. you will need them for each part of the boss fight. whatever else you might have, dump them for these as soon as possible. you need be be keeping an eye on the tentacles, looking up in the air for when they disappear. when this happens it means they will strike, so get out of the way quickly. keep avoiding them until one of them gets stuck in the deck, allowing you st shoot it. when you have done this, whatever area of the ship you did this will now be safe. keeping an eye out for marines, take out the other six. second stage. take cover behind a cannon on the end of the ship away from the boxes etc in the middle. this way the marines will be less likely to take cover near you. shoot ONE of the tentacles on the adjacent side of the ship with the laser, and when it pops up in the air, hit it with your smg until it blows up. you will need to make sure you dont miss as you dont have much time! if you do, run because it will throw a bomb right at you. after each bomb you blow up, kill all the marines to stock up on ammo. two things about this part, you can strategically shoot tentacles near marines so the monster will throw bombs at them! also, the marines often shoot the tentacles while trying to hit you, so watch out for that. blow up all six boms and your done with stage two stage three, very easy, finish off any marines that may be left, and then unload your weapons on the tentacles up in the air. you shouldnt have any trouble with this. SPOILER: dont worry when the cutscene repeats itself, you have not encountered a glitch =) Boss complete, congratulations! hope this helps people http://www.xboxlc.com/profile/DarkSam644] http://www.xboxlc.com/cards/newblack/DarkSam644.jpg
  6. Ok guys just figured this out. If you are having trouble with this room as I did, what you need to do is knock all the desks back down again and then up again with wingardium leviosa. Go to the front of the classroom and then rupulso them down. worked first time for me after many failed attempts before, and it appears to fix the problem. Good luck!
  7. Found this to be MUCH harder than all CODs except for World at War, which was... a cunt. Most of it was fine, but just a few bits nearly made me destroy something.
  8. Just to clear up alot of the misinformation floating around about these, I will tell you exactly how me and a friend did these today. By the Grace of: you just need to, as Lynch, shoot someone in the leg or torso to bring them down, and with luck they will survive and writhe around in pain. you need to then use your shotgun and shoot them in the head. Note: this did not work on the first try, but on the second. even if they look dead, still put one in their head, the one I got my achievement on looked like he was dead, so there you go. We did it at the start of the withdrawal level. there are two guys just after you climb the fence. try it with both of them, if it doesn't work, just reload the checkpoint and try again Bezerkopath: this will happen at the withdrawal level also. during the battle, as lynch, fight as normal, just make sure that you constantly keep an eye on the civillians, they should turn into cops, and then you must shoot 10-15 of them. this one is very glitchy. we got it on our third try. first time, they didn't wake up at all! second time, they only turned to cops for a few seconds. third time, got it. when they turn to cops, make sure whoever plays as kane does not move forward, but just keeps cover and stays still as long as possible. we believe that's what messed it up the second time, when kane progresses too quickly. its a pain but you shouldn't have too much trouble with patience Good luck everyone
  9. This one is a bitch sure, but its not THAT bad, i got it after maybe 20 tries. rush, flash, spray (accurately) and you wil get through it.
  10. Better question to ask is "why shouldn't you get this game" everyone should, even if you have a copy of the original version like myself. It KICKS ASS
  11. Just bought for 10$ second hand, havnt played it yet but looking forward to it. Im relatively green as far as JRPG's go too. Going to be a learning curve
  12. I am also finding this game surprisingly really fun. I would recommend doing what you can by yourself, and then using a guide to finish off the last little bits rather than wasting hours searching got a pot you need to fix or something like that. only painful things are when you get stuck behind ron or hermione, that a pain!! also... Gobstones. anyone who has 1000'd this will know how much this mini-game SUCKS. Its even rigged in the computers favour! Also, a second run through is needed for the 100% hard achievement due to a glitch. a few little hiccups, but overall alot of fun. recommend for a borrow or a rental or a buy if you find it really cheap
  13. after finishing the game normally i had only the time limit and no dying achievements to go, and by some miricle i managed to get them both first go. I got very lucky. these last two will make you want to pull your hair out. so easy 900/1000, very difficult 1000/1000. much harder than 2 or 3 out of 10 that the roadmap states. the restv of the game is easy, but the final fight is what will likely get you. with the final boss fight just stay away from him and look for patterns. only when you are sure your ready for a fight should you move in. Best of luck if you are willing to play this, because seriously, this game is ABYSMAL. I mean really fucking AWFUL
  14. This isn't really that hard if you follow the achievement guide and road map just make sure on level 4, when battling the sailor that you do it once, fight his animal, and only then fight him again. on that same level, make 100 percent sure you get every deception mini game correct when practicing with the guy at the back of the boat (the guy in front of the engine room, you just need to pass). these were the only parts I tripped up on. good luck
  15. Looking to do spec ops and survival missions on Vet difficulty. Please send me a message and a friend request on XBL. GT: DarkSam644 Should be around most of this week. Thanks =)
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