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  1. https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/halo-the-master-chief-collection/achievement/93750-megg.html The video at the end of that guide is for a different achievement. The correct video from the version posted on the forum is this one:
  2. Couple whoopsies there. Back to trying to get that damn Hypersonic achievement now...
  3. I couldn't launch the game until the installation of the patch hit 82.5% Seems a little ridiculous to me, since the first game is supposed to be on the disc in full, and the disc drive stopped making noise back at around 10%.
  4. Just got the last achievement, the Game Hub tells me I played for 9h 37m. A good few hours of that was replaying the game so I could go for "Collect 'Em All" without a CPU player getting in the way, though. So if you want to do this as quickly as possible, you can knock a few hours off by not playing as Sonic & Tails. Probably still 6-10 hours, but the low end instead of the high end. Maaaaybe you can squeak into the 0-5 hour range if you're really good at the special stages. But 6-10 hours is the safe bet.
  5. 6/10, all comes from Collect 'Em All. What a stupidly out of place achievement. Spawn 8 bad guys without letting any die before you kill them, oh by the way watch out for the ones that self destruct if you get too close. Also if you get hit, there's no walls in this area so all the rings go away. Also it's during the boss of Act 2, so if you run out of lives you get to replay the entire Zone again to get another go at the whole thing. Also, either don't use Sonic & Tails or have a friend handy to control Tails and get him out of the way so he doesn't kill stuff by accident. I agree with the 3/10 above for everything else on the list. It's even easy to find spots to farm attempts at Chaos Emeralds and Medallions, so even if you're having trouble with them, at least trying again is easy.
  6. The developers certainly were this stupid. Horde mode did not need classes. I played Gears 3 Horde a lot and not once did I ever think "you know what this game needs? classes that people will ignore so the game is harder to win". WTF were they thinking? Classes are an idea that should have been left to rot with the rest of the pile of shit that is Judgment. Also, it's sad that game developers still haven't learned that if you put crappy multiplayer achievements into your game, there will be people who just go after the achievements and leave mid-game, screwing everyone else over. If you want to put in multiplayer achievements, make ones that incentivise players to keep playing correctly rather than playing in a manner that screws everyone else. An achievement like "Completed 50 consecutive waves of Horde in a squad" is fine, but an achievement like "Deposited 1,000,000 power in the Fabricator lifetime" just encourages players to be asshats. Don't put achievements like that in your game! Having things like bounties that encourage people to quit halfway through because there's better rewards for doing so then sticking it out is also stupid. I can't even blame the players. This wouldn't be a problem if the developers hadn't made a bad game mode with bad achievements.
  7. I died so many times trying to roll out of the way of a Dropshot only to go nowhere because Del was in the way! Also that ongoing joke where Del asks if things are ironic wasn't funny.
  8. All the weird animations and particle effects locked at 30 FPS while the rest of the game runs at 60 FPS. So off-putting during the times you're just walking between fights and see fires or have particles floating around. But if I ever needed proof that I can indeed see the difference between 30 and 60 (I didn't), there it is. I hope the developers can fix that sooner rather than later. (yes I am playing on Windows 10) Gnashers of War is why I never really played competitive outside of Gears 3 that actually had counters to the Gnasher. If those counters went away in Gears 4, I won't be playing competitive much.
  9. CELSIUS IS STUPID :francis:

  10. This is a joke, but it's not a funny one. How did this even happen? Steam, AKA the dumpster of the internet because there is zero fucking quality control, is way over there on PC. This is Xbox Live. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. What are you doing over there, Microsoft?
  11. Congratulations! I'm sure a certain pickle lover is very jealous of that award! ;)

  12. I dunno. To me it feels like Windows 8 except more geared towards being a phone or tablet instead of a desktop OS. On Windows 8 I've basically never done anything with the app style stuff. Windows 10 forces me to dive into that crap in an incredibly obnoxious way. Windows 10 still has the Control Panel, but they've taken a bunch of stuff out of it and now you have to go to Start -> Settings to find the rest of it. And the Settings thing is all bullshit app "use your touch screen lawl" style. If I wanted this garbage, I would have bought a tablet. My PC is a PC dammit. Windows 8 surprisingly respects this more than Windows 10 does, so I'll stick with 8. Plus it's just obnoxious that they randomly took stuff out of Control Panel, so every time I want something I check CP first, and then if it's not there, I get to fuck around in Settings until I find it. What a bunch of shit. One example, Windows 8 has an app style Windows Update, but if you go to Control Panel, you can also get the regular desktop style Windows Update. You know, the one I want because my PC is a goddamn PC. But Windows 10 took that away, and now you have to go into the settings app to find it because... I guess because fuck user friendliness. The only thing I can see Windows 10 having over Windows 8 is the old start menu, but there's just one problem for me: I don't miss the old start menu. I don't care about the old start menu. In Windows 8 I have all the programs I use the most pinned to the taskbar, the programs I use semi-frequently pinned to the start screen in giant icons, and for everything else I just press the Windows key and start typing. I would pretty much do the exact same thing in Windows 10, the only thing changing is what I see when I press the Windows key. Meh. That change isn't enough to make me forgive the "lol settings app" bullshit. Oh and the wireless Xbox One PC dongle is Windows 10 only. You know what, I'll just stick with my 10ft USB cable if it's all the same to you Microsoft.
  13. As this post scrolled onto my screen, Tush by ZZ Top started playing on my phone. Not sure if that means Pants or my phone won the internet.
  14. Sort it alphabetically (trying to guess what genre someone decided a game is is never fun), but don't get rid of the front page list. That was one of the worst things PST did. The search box at the top corner also tends to be useless more often than not, as if you don't match exactly what the game listing is, you get no results. Of course, if the front page list stays, it doesn't matter anyway because I'm just going to use CTRL+F to find it. As long as I can still do that, do whatever you want. Sort it by the number of lines Nolan North delivers in each game for all I care. I mean it's a list of text links. It can't take that much longer to load them all. It's not like it's a bunch of extra images or videos that have to load in, it's just more text. In retrospect, I guess I should have voted "other".
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