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  1. Also installed on an external and have had no issues.
  2. So, you file complaints against people for doing nothing wrong at all (using a weapon in a game, seriously) then complain when youre punished for sending people stupid messages, you mention being an asshole with messages when you was younger, seems you may still have some growing to do.
  3. The reward is nothing to be excited about, cool (i guess) but not good at all, you can play for 15 minutes and get something better.
  4. Is anyone else having this achievement track incorectly? I just checked my album and its at 120 cards (also wrong because of the early glitch) yet my tracker percentage is stuck at 50%. I know this game has alot of bugs but i have not seen this one mentioned.
  5. It would have been the 7th map, not on the game right now so cant say what its called.
  6. I have gotten the cyclops, it was my second drop from the first maze i did after the event started, but the dryad is too much for me, i dont have the time nor patience to come back every five minutes to hit a thief once, its a shame really because its all i need to complete the event. I would even consider buying crystals to chance packs but as the game is only out in the US you cant buy them elsewhere.
  7. Is that really what you should be aiming for though? It takes 6 turns to be able to play a 4* card, which by about the 5th island is long enough for you to die to there lvl 10 2* cards before you even play anything, at the minute I have 2 4*, 2 3* that take 4 turns and 2 3* that take 2 turns, it still feels to slow unless i get a good draw order.
  8. I have now reached a point were my next mission reccomends lvl 34 and im only lvl 22, nothing i can, i just get destroyed by the bosses at the end.
  9. Well it 100% is not doing that for me, as i said i replayed those missions on hero which i have never done before as i moved straight on to death difficulty an my xp is considerably lower than yours, any mission on any difficulty now only gives me a very small amount of xp and a friend that i have been playing with did those same missions again and he also got barely any xp.
  10. The first time you play a mission you recieve completion xp after that you are only given xp for your kills, so once you have finished every mission once, which as i said will get you to around lvl 20, there is no more mission completion xp simply xp for kills which is around 30k per dungeon. Edit: I just replayed the 2 missions you were talking about on the same difficulty and got 14k in 10 mins and 11k in 3 minutes, the xp is drastically different for a replay, also higher difficulties would not yeild much more xp and would take longer to finish.
  11. The game has lots of problems, the biggest of which is the lack of xp, once you have finished the story on human (which will get you to around lvl 20 of 50) you stop getting xp for completion and instead only recieve it for kills. At this point you need around 800k xp to lvl, yet you are only given around 30k xp per dungeon, which on death difficulty take around 15 minutes, so at lvl 20 it takes around 8 hours of play to lvl up once, this will only increase over time as the xp requirements continue to go up. Next issue is the total lack of replayability, unlike the last game this one only has co-op, no pvp at all. So why will people be seeking better gear? In happy wars you wanted better gear to keep up with the competition, but in this game the enemies lvls are static so once you have a half decent set of gear you are done and its then a matter of grinding out your lvl by playing the same missions over and over again. Obtaining gear is also a grind and a half, if you want to buy 1 random piece of gear you have to play 4 hero difficulty dungeons or 2 death difficulty dungeons, you can also choose to play 2 insane difficulty dungeons but as the reccomended lvl is 50, that wont be happening. So for the chance of getting 1 decent piece of gear you must play for around half an hour, then roll the dice in your one in ten chance of geting something worth keeping. The kicker is once you have completed a level on a certain difficutly you are no longer given the materials needed to buy packs, so at this point to open packs and obtain that end game loot, you are stuck with microtranactions. Brings me to my last point, microtansactions, if done correctly they are fine, but as ive just said, eventually, the happy jewels well runs dry and they are your only option to obtain loot, this is microtransactions done totally wrong and just to rub it in, they aint cheap. From the happy jewels i was given for being a returning player and the ones ive earned so far, it seems to be about a one in ten chance to get a good item, could be slightly higher or lower but for me it seems about right. So to buy a pack of ten items from the store, its currently £16 which i guess is about $20-$25, thats for one item that you will keep and 9 you will discard, thats a joke. But they do give you an option to avoid the dice roll all together and just buy a full set of gear, its currently on sale it should be £60 but its currently just £45, thats the price of a retail game for 4 pieces of gear, thats just pathetic. I understand the game is currently in game preview but these are all clearly design choices inplemented purely to make you spend alot of money on a game that revolves around playing the same story missions over and over again for hundreds of hours just to reach max rank, and lets be honest, eventually efficiency will set in and people will only be playing the one mission that is fastest to finish with the best xp return. The entire concept of this game is bad and they should have just stuck with the pvp formula and improved it.
  12. Is there no story? I cant tell if im doing something wrong or not. You do the first mission where the building blows up and you kill about 10 people and its done, then you go to the underground and do the neon lights mission, now what? Do you really just grind out the underground missions because if so thats incredibly lack luster and not worth a purchase at all.
  13. Yes it does stay powered, i dont have instant on turned on and when my xbox is off the hard drive is still on.
  14. Really dont recomend anybody gets the update, i have had a whole host of problems today. I currently cant view friends profiles, cant view game hubs, the store is very slow and messy, im trying to launch rocket league but its telling me i need an update (i just downloaded the game so obviously there isnt one) but that its failed to download so i cant play, the one time it did work it couldnt sync to the cloud so i had to choose play offline so no achievements were poping even though i was online, also messages sent from the xbox are not being sent. I have now chosen to opt out of the program but who knows how long that will take.
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