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  1. I am having issues with the achievement treasures from the past not staying checked on here. Is anyone else having this issue and how do I report this to the site to have it corrected?
  2. I believe this is using the fear darts, where they get paranoid and fire on their own allies.
  3. I have two achievements "on the go" and "sixth sense" that popped as achieved on the xbox and on the xbox app on my phone. However when I load up the achievement list on the xbox they show that they are still locked, when I load up the achievement list on my phone through the xbox app they show as unlocked. I did a hard reset and loaded the game. When I went to the achievement list the achievement did shift from locked to unlocked.
  4. I actually unlocked completionist before dr croft. There is the knife that was glitched, it is mentioned in this post, that I had to make a special trip for after completing the game. Ign I think has a breakdown of artifacts that you can cross reference with yours to see what you're missing. This may take time because when I saw it they just had the artifacts by area and not story collection.
  5. Thank you, I actually just went ahead and finished the game and ended up getting the last two items to compete the story. Can you tell me if I now choose to do new game plus if I can use that to do the obsession run through, and to farm out the kills for endurance and focus.
  6. Trying to grind out everything before doing the last level. All collectibles are collected except for the story's which I assume involve the last level. If I complete the game without it being at 100% and start new game plus will I still be at whatever percentage was or will i be at 0%. I know all items roll over, but what about completion progress?
  7. I literally found them 3 minutes after making the post haha.
  8. I'm trying to mop up all the side stuff for 100% completion before doing the last level. Where do you get lock picks and the rope ascender?
  9. That would be awesome if you can, I can't figure out how. As far as shooting down planes I just spawned two planes and shot one from the ground and recycled until the achievement popped. I hate cheating like that but I had to get creative.
  10. Looking to boost all arcade achievements along with the co-op achievement and challenge. Also have a few random challenges and achievements to get that is hard to do with my campaign since everything is liberated. Prefer people with mics, my gamer tag is givemesomelager.
  11. I'm in the end game trying to wrap things up. All areas obviously are liberated, all missions complete including prepper stashes and clutch Nixon. However I am having issues with finding areas to knock out the last few campaign achievements and challenges. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Challenges: Sabetour - due to lack of enemies in liberated areas I'm having trouble finding a place to do this. Death from below - same as above. Chain takedown kills - same as above. Minutes in co-op - haven't even touched arcade yet, would love a solid partner to do this with. Achievements: Ace Killer - can't find any plans to shoot down. Death from above - can't find a cluster of vehicles to do this, also tried the trick of spawning in a plan and parking atvs beside it. When I actually get the vehicles to stick in game and not deshawn, the bomb doesnt explode right away leading me to think everything is destroyed by a secondary explosion negating the requirements. Opportunity Knocks - not finding enemies in liberated areas to do this on. Hitting It Off - can I join a friend to get this or does he need to join with me. I have no quests to complete so I have a concern on this one. Explosive Surprise - same as sabetour challenge.
  12. Looking to play in the underground to power level or possibly rogue kill achievements. Message me on live to set something up, givemesomelager.
  13. Ok so I've just caught the blue dot on meets territory showing that i didn't complete this. I've already taken out all the convoys, so where do I get a fuel truck to complete this. Or did I just screw up 100% completion since it is the mission to unlock the armory project in deep friahs territory.
  14. Nope its glitches probably I'm having the same issue in treasure cove. the biggie for finding the last jingo glitched not counting it. the jinjos do not rapper so its screwed. can someone let me know if you need all of them to complete the game. I see theres no achievement for collecting all of them. theres no point to keep playing if this save is glitched.
  15. Grr I just started this game and I am going for this achievement. I'm in the end game wrapping suit up. I need 2 for the lumberers but they don't ever do anything. Godfrey just disappears, terry smokes and fish, occassionly inspect the cart but that doesn't register. Catherine cleans windows and upon scanning that action it glitches me into a builing that I have to restart the game. the only one I got was of the two playing bowls. ironic the only one I got from those bastards was of them effing off
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