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  1. I'm pretty sure that my day one edition has finally just stopped reading discs. It used to be able to play games fine but lately I keep getting the sorry can't play this disc error message. Even tried renting a couple of newer games through Gamefly and still got the same message. I can still download and play games that way though. Does anyone know a fix for this or do I need to send it in to Microsoft? How long does it take to repleace consoles now?
  2. I've got a code for Killer Instinct but can't figure out how to redeem it. Where is the redeem code button? Also is there a way to get whatever app is snapped to play audio? I'm trying to have the espn app snapped while i'm playing but can't hear anything.
  3. I think i'm stuck at the Jackleg Jack boss fight. For some reason when I go into the arena to fight him I die really quick and it won't even give me an option to self revive. Did this happen to anyone else? How do I get past this or do I just wait for the next patch?
  4. I usually play a few ranked matches a day and never have any problems finding players. Like others have said it's either your location or time of day that you play that's giving you problems.
  5. 1. Minecraft 2. The Walking Dead 3. Trials Evolution 4. Full House Poker 5. Uno
  6. Recently switched my theme to the Minecraft Gold Edition!
  7. It looks awesome! If it's not too much trouble can you edit the text to say my gamertag Raiders instead of Jsraiders?
  8. Can someone please make me a Superman from Injustice themed signature with a matching avatar? Here's a pic you can use: http://i726.photobucket.com/albums/ww264/jsteinle4/supermansigpic_zps2078c6b8.jpg If you find a better picture you can use that. You can design it however you want to make it look good I just want my gamertag Raiders on both the avatar and signature.
  9. What arcade game should I get next? The style of game doesn't really matter just looking for something that has a good active multiplayer/co-op community. I already have Minecraft, Trials, Happy Wars and Worms.
  10. Anybody willing to help me get Buddy System, Only A Real Master, Perfect Aim achievements? I'll help out with whatever you need to get done. Send me a friend request along with message saying Injustice on xbox live my GT is Raiders.
  11. I think this happened to people in last years game also. Just play the next tournament and it should unlock.
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