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  1. Anyone still playing this game? I’ve just got it and need to boost the last two achievements: Win by 700 points and 10 online wins. I’m happy to help with any achievements you need too. Gamertag: HMeyrick I’m available anytime really, just chuck me an add on Xbox live
  2. Just started playing this and am looking for players to boost the last 2 achievements. The win by 700 points one and 10 online wins. I’ve got a mic and am happy to help with any achievements you need. Gamertag: HMeyrick Timezone: GMT but can be flexible. Anyone interested just chuck me an add on Xbox live
  3. Although you think you're hilairious, you're actually extremely irritating. Anyone with any actual input?
  4. F: HMeyrick GT: HMeyrick TZ: GMT HS: Yes PC: Axton
  5. Facebook tie in? *sigh* There's me thinking you could win the DLC rather than just give companies more free advertising.
  6. Can see the additional achievements available on this game but can't find the DLC available for download on the marketplace? Anyone else having this problem? Can't wait to play this!
  7. Came home today to find my brother playing ACII on my xbox with 150G's already unlocked. I now have no choice but to try and get as many achievements as possible, seeing as how I can't remove it from my games list. Before this I had no inclination to play this at all. If anyone else knows where I'm coming from, is this game easy to get in to? or at least easy to play through for the sake of gamerscore? inb4 sad to only play games for gamerscore.
  8. Boosting 5 online wins, GT: HMeyrick
  9. Knew this would happen. I just figured it out. Just do all the races in the stunt park, they're nearly unavoidable. Only got the Cyborg Swordsman one left now, any info on that would be lovely jubbly.
  10. I know this has been posted around on here and a few other places before but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I'm doing the Pic-o-matic missions and cannot seem to find the alien clown costume anywhere? The strange thing is that I've found the clown hat but can't find any more capsules anywhere. I've already read through all the guides and they don't seem to help with this problem. Any info is massively appreciated, Cheers in advance
  11. Bump, no one to play online with, add HMeyrick and let's do this!
  12. Add HMeyrick Am down for whoring all achievements on this
  13. Literally loving this game so so much, will help others and appreciate help myself. Add and message me for when I'm on Gamertag - HMeyrick
  14. I tryed using every gun I had in my arsenal (Which includes the above mentioned one) and absolutely no use. I ended up reloading and getting my speech up to 100 (Helped through use of the Here and Now perk) and the final mission was well easy. On my second attempt I found a sniper rifle which helped loads since my robot died virtually straight away Was dissapointed with the ending though :/
  15. The first time I tried it I went to the closest tower opposite where the President does he speech. He walked towards the stage and I targeted him out of VATS and he ran off. I went towards the stage and got attacked :/ Gonna give the above method a try tomorrow, just wondering about getting to the huge gun when there are so many rangers around Thanks for the info man
  16. Only ones I know of are 2 in Black Mountain, both easy
  17. Ffffeeeeeeeeelllll liiiikkkeeee iiiii ddddddooooooo#1

  18. Ok, I searched everywhere for this and can't find any help anywhere. I'm in the Legates Camp on 'All or Nothing'. I can't leave the camp, have very little supplies and my robot who's there to help me is very low on health. Even with the difficulty on very easy, I still don't last more than a minute against Legate Lanius and his guards. I have a fair supply of guns and ammunition but barely any chems. Reverting to an old save is kind of a last resort but any other help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  19. Looking to boost any/all achievements, I'm online pretty often Add/message me GT: HMeyrick
  20. Looking to give a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend but don't know anyone else who plays... GT: HMeyrick Cheers in advance
  21. 231 billion at time of posting.
  22. When I came across the trailer for this I thought it had been banned or something, like they'd removed the game. I saw the picture of someone hanging and was gutted when I thought I wouldnt be able to get it, definately looking forward to it now.
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