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  1. If you're still looking for a partner for "Don't Go it Alone" on Outlander, I'll partner up. Last cheevo for me.


    GT: UnleashTheCASEY

  2. The trailer looks promising like all rockstar games. I'm just curious what the side quest might be. though i love these open world games, i just don't want to have dumbass missions like drive sgt no name to 123 fake street on the other side of the game. now you could have a conversation and develope some insight into a character or whatever while on the move. Let's just hope they keep the story strong. i never finished GTA4 cause i was insanly bored with it about 60% through. After all that said i know i'm buying this game lol
  3. i just don't see how coop can work in this title. especially if it's a continuation from oblivion. yea i can see how it can possibly be fun tackling caves, ruins and just exploring the world together. i just don't see bethesda putting that type of effort into creating something that in my opinion most people don't want. I know someone who works for Bethesda and although he's never revealed anything before the offical release ( minus fallout 3 before it came out! ). even he stated thats not a direction they're trying to go down.
  4. Freeman

    Hi all

    I too joined way back in May but i have only recently been getting involved in the forums. just looking for like minded people who love to game. My gamerscore is pretty much nothing compared to the 50k plus people lol. my Gamertag is Master Thief 7I. game oooooooooon!
  5. That was a good i love the insight. though you must game like crazy since i've had my 360 since 07' and i'm barely at 24k lol. Voice of a true gamer though. gears sucks but Halo rules!
  6. I too wouldn't mind seeing some leaderboards for my state or east coast etc. i've always enjoied looking at other gamer tags and seeing their progress and how much they give a certain game
  7. I first read the fall of reach back in 2002. back then i wished for this game. I can't believe irt's almost here. got to play the campaign first there will be plenty of time for multiplayer.
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