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  1. Serious props dude! This is THE best guide I have ever read and it was a pleasure reading something that was gramatically correct and well written. Too many times people just don't take the care and time to write well and often end up misleading the reader or not explaining something clearly enough. This was top notch...you nailed it!
  2. When I first saw this I thought it was a glitch but now I am sure it happens every time. If the other team down a guy on your team and use him as a meatshield if you go up to them and chainsaw (from the front) the enemy automatically lets go and you chainsaw your 'dead' teammate. I think this is a really nice touch and is far better than the old way which was that enemies holding meatflags were invincible to the chainsaw from the front. It is also kinda amusing chainsawing your mates even if they are 'dead' already.
  3. The problem is that I played as Marcus the whole way through and my mate played as Dom the whole way too and no achievement. I am not sure this is the issue. The more I played the Campaign on Insane the more I realised how it is quite a buggy game. We had numerous instances of getting trapped in the environment, floating in midair etc. and any one of these could have caused the achievement to glitch. As an update, my mate and I have replayed the training with him as host but no cheeve yet. We will probably play the buggier parts of the last half of the game and see if we can trigger it that way.
  4. Add me to this list.... Just completed co-op with a friend, we started with the training (I needed the collectibles) and using a single save completed the whole game. I got the insane achievement but not the co-op one. He only did the second half of the game on insane so he didn't get anything - this sucks. My achievement bar is almost full, looks like just one act is missing but no idea which one. We are going to do the training again just in case and I will let you know how it goes. Can everyone who manages to resolve their achievement post back here so we can maybe work out what's going wrong - if you do manage to unlock it please post the act you were playing at the time, it might help. Good luck to us all!
  5. OK, so I played the first one a LOT, and was still playing multiplayer up until the release of number 2. Tried the new MP and hated it at first, my shotgun felt powerless, I was getting smoked ALL the time and chainsawed until I got fed up. Then the more I play it the more I like the changes they made. The shotgun isn't really much less powerful you just have to aim it rather than shoot from the hip, the smokes I am getting used to evading and have started to use mine differently - instead of lozzing it in at the beginning of a game I keep it and use it more strategically (planting it on a pillar in the middle of a firefight and luring enemies towards it ). Although the chainsaw is a bit annoying the duals are pretty funny and it is also fun popping some n00bs head with a shotty as he walks towards you revving his chainsaw. The waiting for a game is still rubbish and I still get laggy matches but my opinion has changed quite a lot and now I think I will play it for a good time yet. Has anyone else had this same change of heart?
  6. I don't know of any specific way to look up MP kills, but in terms of tracking your progress towards 100K kills there is a progress bar in your War Journal -> Achievements -> Page 14.
  7. Well, I was half way through the game when after a checkpoint I thought I would get some food so powered down the console (I did not exit to the main menu just powered straight down using the button on the console). When I go back to the game later the only option I have in-game is to start a game from new, my save file has gone!!! I went to the dash and into the memory section and there is a "Checkpoint Save" of 380KB and a "User settings" save of 60KB. So, I go back to the game and try again and still no luck. I thought I would try copying the save file to an MU and tried again - still doesn't work. Man, I am PISSED OFF! After a quick search on the net I found this article confirming what happened to me: http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs.ars/2008/03/24/condemned-2-has-a-painful-glitch-save-games-may-disappear-at-any-moment Now I don't know what to do. Wait for a patch? Restart? I am really annoyed because I was enjoying the game but cannot be arsed to restart right from the beginning after so much playing time. So, I recommend you back up your save games and always quit properly by exiting to the main menu. If anyone knows how to 're-activate' a save then please let me know. NOTE: I still have my achievements but as they are tied to my profile and LIVE that makes sense. EDIT: Found this on a forum thread, may help you all to know: "well to those interested, i found the cause of the problem to the problem i have. i don't know if it should be sticky'd, or what, but i feel it should be made known: when playing condemned 2, you have to press start and select "quit to main menu" or go to the XBox dashboard before you turn off the console. If you turn off the console in-game, you run the risk of losing your save data. So keep that in mind until somebody finds a cure or Monolith is able to release a patch for this."
  8. I made sure I always reloaded after any deaths so I definitely did not use a Vita-Chamber in my playthrough. It also didn't unlock when I completed on hard without using any chambers. I have the DLC as I used the new plasmids in my playthrough and I have the TU as I cleared my cache and took it again to make sure. Still no option in the menu though
  9. I tried starting a new game )as you suggest but still the option is not there. I definitely have the DLC (I've re-downloaded it around 4 times now) and I definitely have the TU as I cleared my cache and took it again to make sure. Still no option to turn off Vita-Chambers
  10. I had the DLC already (I used some of the new plasmids in the game) and I also beat the game without having the option selected (as I can't even see it) and it didn't unlock. Thanks for the advice but I did all this already and still doesn't unlock and still no option in the menu.
  11. Whatever I do I cannot get the option to disable Vita-Chambers to appear. I have downloaded the DLC several times, cleared the cache and taken the TU again, and still no option. This is driving me mad as I can't get the achievement without it. Any help would be GREAT!
  12. OK, before anyone criticises me for not reading existing posts I have read the entire Brass Balls thread and I cannot find an answer to this. The basic problem is that I completed Bioshock on Hard (after taking TU and DLC) without using Vita-Chambers but did not unlock the Brass Balls achievement. After investigating I found that I also didn't have the option to disable Vita-Chambers in the Options menu. So, I went and redownloaded the DLC (no change) so I then cleared the cache and took the TU again (no change). Whatever I do I cannot get this option to appear - I do however have the new achievement listed in my profile but I just can't unlock it. Can anyone help me with this?
  13. Some tips to help you dude.. 1) Kill all others around you so you get a clear shot 2) Use the pistol 3) Try another character (maybe they are different heights?) - I did it with Renwick. 4) You need to stand on the concrete EDGE of the sandbox, actually in the sandbox isn't quite high enough. 5) Manipulate the camera so that you can see exactly where he is standing. HAYxDEN - kick ass guide man, I don't know how you had the patience to find all those skulls, some were badass to find (with a guide!). WELL DONE Dude!
  14. So, let me get this straight. For a game that is completely and utterly built for co-op play there is no achievement for playing through the whole game with a friend - but there is for AI? Man, that sucks!
  15. Thanks dude - sounds like a good method. Although just one point to make, the english is appalling and it took me three read throughs before I could understand what you meant. Maybe spend a little more time writing it out properly next time - but thanks again for the method!
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