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  1. no... and if you check TA, seems no one got achievement after July 18th, after that day the game update to unless someone set windows apps to no auto update......
  2. seems it happens to everyone after update the game just dont really sign in xbox live, and in my case, i cant check leaderboard and can not see the screen of buying coins and if you check xbox.com, it shows you havent played this game even if you just did it
  3. I have 89/90 in Win8 version, then I finished last spec ops at XBOX360 version... NO achievements...
  4. thanks a lot for the save file...
  5. Add me for "All you need is friends" GT: Guycc
  6. Candy Juggler Keep the candy in the air for 30 seconds without ropes or bubbles you can get this at 2-1
  7. GS: 105/200 achievements: 10/19 all you can do in the free trial version
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