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  1. Im gonna start a list for 5v5 boosting just put your name down and ill message you via xbox. Looking to do it BEFORE christmas.. 1. iMoDiFy vX 2. rYaN tH3 hAwAiN 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. 1. Killersquirelz 2. iMoDiFy vX 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8
  3. 1. Killersquirelz 2. II GEN3SiS II 3. Its From EBAY 4. I Renegade x 5. P L Z T R Y 6. InMyT1meOfDying 7. vs GREEN EYE vs (very good chance) 8. m a r a u d e r (good chance) 9. EToG x UnreaL 10. Monstar2112 11. BlitzkriegHawk 12. vPxVIRUSx 13. Okiegun 14. thestupid1 15. Nightfire3230 16. iMoDiFy vX
  4. Does this glitch still work when the you host a ranked Team Survival match and one team kills themselves and the winning team gets "x" amount of xp. then when the game ends no one touches anything and the host restarts the game and the other team does it?
  5. i got the achievement in horde last night and so did my friend so i know its not just me. So heres what i did i shot a torque bow next to a drone and then shot him with a pistol till he got downed then i picked him up and walked to a boomer who finally xploded him with a boomshot. My friend did the same thing. BUT what i guessing is to get it to count towards the achievement you have to get the body to explode by a boomshot, granade, ext.. you cant have his body get shot a 1000 times till it falls into pieces. try it out and tell me what happens
  6. just send me a friend request and ill tell you how to apply to our squad. we have 10 members right now that are active and we need about 20 to be active to be #1 my GT: IK Y IL IE
  7. I need Cryin' Fallen Angles Back In The Saddle Let The Music Do The Talking im on right now just send me a friend request my GT is IK Y IL IE
  8. Hey does anyone want to help me with online achievements?? just send me a friend request IK Y IL IE thanks
  9. hey i might be able to get to # 1 late 2night but idk ill message you if your on my friends list so we can trade if i get it:woop:
  10. hey im looking for people to help us out with the online achievments anyone want to help us and we will help you. Just send me a friend request or a messgage:woop: 1) NeRvE x B4LL1N 2) NeRvEx sTyLeZ 3) ibeatu 4) Buck Wyyld 5) Banandon 6) aloky 7) kumuboa 8) Dealy AC 58 9) R0GUE 47 10) 11) 12)
  11. Amped and stylez you need a life your on every thread for every game well anyways i need help online for this game 2 GT- NeRvE x B4LL1N
  12. all the NeRvE people need help!!! so can anyone help us. GT- NeRvE x B4LL1N
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