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  1. Add me for any boosting, looking to get MP achievements, add Bobblehead Jay
  2. I'm also looking to boost the 1 mil achievement, add me, GT:Bobblehead Jay
  3. Looking to boost all online achievements, add me, GT: Bobblehead Jay
  4. Just bought this game and looking to get achievements for Co op missions and duels and such. Add me GT:Bobblehead Jay
  5. Add me for any of the Call of the Dead achievements , GT: Bobblehead Jay
  6. Is this glitched? I've raced every race and he never challenges me. When is he supposed to challenge you?
  7. So I got my first trophies in Black Ops yesterday but for some reason when I go to the playstation website it says I have none. Does it take a while for it to update on the site or what?
  8. I always try to go for 100% but I know that wont happen in most games I play so I basically always strive for at least 500+
  9. There must be some requirements to unlock the My Player achievements that I dont know about because my friend just got selected to the all star game and that achievement didnt pop for him either. Is there settings that have to be changed? Autosave is on also. And also how can you tell if you have downloaded the patch?
  10. Need all online achievements, hit me up Mental Hilarity
  11. Does your list include games that you cant get points in anymore due to closed servers? If so, you need to recalculate lol
  12. Yeah I played the first playoff game and it still didnt unlock, do you have to play a certain number of games during the season for it to unlock? Cuz I only played 52 and still won but no achievement
  13. I won rookie of the year but achievement didnt pop, Does it pop after the playoffs are over? Edit: still didnt unlock after the playoffs, is this achievement glitched?
  14. I dont get why im still not shooting well, ive maxed all my shooting and have perfected the release but im playing a game right now and im 0 for 9 I dont know what else I can do
  15. Ive played 40 games, missing some cuz of injuries, but the games ive played ive dominated the stats of all the rookies but yet when I look at the awards races im not even on the list for rookie of the year? Should I just start over? There is only about a month left of games
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