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  1. Normally there is a sticky for forming clans. Since there is not one, I'll be the first. I am a daily player and I would like to play with others that want to mic up and not run around on their own. This game can be extremely fun if you have buddies. Anyone interested? I am on the US East server if that matters. GT: D0cGl0ck (zeros not o's)
  2. I heard a few places mentioning something about having a crew. I remember early on in the game I guy guys yelling at me (in game not chat) and I have seem to misplaced them. Am I wrong or do we have to level a crew?
  3. Thanks. Actually that was the best explanation that I found including google. I see now.
  4. Is it me or does the upgrade/buy tree seem confusing? Where do i buy heavy tanks or artillery? When I follow the tree I seem to only buy light tanks. When I click on "buy heavy tank' it takes me back to the light tank tree. Does that mean that I have to buy 45 light tanks before I can get a Heavy? What am I missing here?
  5. First off, let me say I know there is a thread already. But I see the same bitching in every game...so I feel this deserves a new post... 1. OF COURSE the weapons on the ground and chests are NOT going to level with you. Think about it, if this was real life, you are saying that as life goes on you are ALWAYS going to find a better weapon?? Just because you don't get a suburb weapon or get what you want out of EVERY chest does NOT make this a "shitty game!" That is the POINT of RPG's, not everything will be in your favor! You have to use your brain and figure shit out. This is not COD where you can be a retard and still win. 2. You DON'T have to fight every walker you come by (see my other posts) they are their to be ANNOYING not a game stopper. If you are having troubles (just like in real life) find another way. 3. This game was not supposed to be completed in one sitting. So if you cry to your mommy because you got 50+ hours of entertainment for $10 then you need Adderall and a reality check. 4. Yes, this game has it's own issues, but once you figure them out then they are not issues anymore. Fool me once shame on me...fool me twice then shame on you. If you lose your throwing weapon, well then pick up a sword. Sometimes life works against you...but a GOOD gamer and a MATURE person would use the challenge to make you better. If this was real life, you would be eaten by a zombie because you threw your best hunting knife and lost it down the drain and started sobbing like a bitch. This game does things on purpose to make it difficult. Tell me this. WHY should YOU get everything you want and life be easy in this type of world?? What makes you better? You are in a FUCKING APOCALYPSE! Life will sucks...get over it! 5. Those who bitch that the zombies are hard to fight...RUN PAST THEM! Are you trying to tell me that you are letting a slow moving restarted-like person is beating you? I think you have other issues besides beating the game... 6. In your defense, I will say that losing your save file or items and equipment would suck, but that is out of anyone's control. You still have your achievements, isn't that all you care about? It seems to me that people want a 1000/1000 in as little time frame and as easiest as possible. You are the ones that demand the devs to release games NOW NOW NOW!!!! OMG MOMMY I WANT IT NOW!!! Then of COURSE there will be bugs...but hey, you demanded it. If you are not willing to put in the time or the brain power to complete a game, then you are not a gamer, you are a whinny kid that we hear on COD. To me, it shows that you can't handle real life problems if you can't deal with digital ones. So you would drop out of school and throw away your education because you "hated the fact that the teacher took away your cell phone?" Didn't think so. So stop coming on forums bitching about problems that are not real. Holy fuck, be happy you even have a damn xbox to play you ungrateful fucks. That is all. HA
  6. I think it would be a good idea if we all chipped in and listed off some advice to the new players or players that are in a tough spot. I'll start it off... Please Note: These are opinion. Wisdom comes from others mistakes. 1. You need to act like this is really happening. Do NOT try to fight every infected/walker you come by, you can sprint for a reason. If you try to slash your way through, just like in real life, you will get tired and overpowered. Kill only who you need to. 2. Make sure you have at least 2 melee weapons, if one goes dry, you have a solid backup. 3. Complete every side quest you come by. You get more exp and items from them then you do just on a killing rampage. Plus it will help you discover all the locations for the achievements. They are all over the place. 4. Manage your inventory well, the depressed bitch on the boat holds 150 items, fill her up. (Giggity) 5. Money is a joke in this game...I don't think I ever ran out. So buy all you want. Some walkers drop over $3k. 6. If you are being chased by the god awful Infected...dropping a Molotov or incendiary behind you will slow them down pretty fast. 7. Fire a weapon ONLY if it's your only option. The Walkers can and will decide to check out that loud bang they just heard. And apparently some of them have phones, so I'm sure they call/text their Ram buddy to come and check out the action. 8. In my experience, if you are in the city (mostly) and for some reason there is no walkers around...then it's for a reason...a big guy is around the corner. I can only confirm from my own experience, but a lot of the times they do not hang out next to the Rams (Guys in straight jackets). I hate fighting those, I just wave as I run by. If you have to fight them, throw a Molotov on him and on the ground when he runs at you. The game triggers both and you can eat an apple while you watch him burn in hell. Anyone else want to add to the list?
  7. Every time I join a multi player game my loadout is either randomized or copies another players loadout. Very annoying when every game I play I have to spend the next few minutes changing my loadout back to the way I want it. It sucks even more when a game st:mad:arts and I have double radar things and cannot do damage. I've not played or quit more games because of this then I have played. Anyone else getting this annoying factor?
  8. In case anyone is still wondering how long it will take to boost 5000 games. I took the liberty to do it and report back. Type:Arms Race Map:Shoots Offline Play Expert bots (really doesn't matter if you use Expert or Easy) Walk away I was at about 300 games when I finished all the other achievements, so I looked online on how to boost and I found the method above. I am now a casual player so I left it running 24 hours a day. I checked on it every 8 hours or so just to make sure it did not freeze or anything, then switched back to TV. It took 16 days of boosting with the xbox running 24 hours a day. I did sometimes when I was bored, did pick up the controller to play. Expert bots destroyed me so I switched it to easy, OBVIOUSLY you can make the counts go faster by actually PLAYING the game. With me playing I was able to finish a match in under a few minutes compared to the maybe 5-10 it would take the bots. BONUS! Somehow the game glitches and gives you 2 matches played for each one. You can check this by looking at your award count. So really, if you play offline, you only need 2500 matches. This method ONLY works offline, arms race, any of the two maps. (Shoots, seems to go a tad faster.)
  9. i know there is some YouTube videos and a few links here to bring us to places where we can farm for XP. I currently have 2 Assends and am around level 29. Are these "farm same group of mobs" really the best way to level up? It seems to me the only way is to just grind it out in dungeons, if that is the case, did I finish the single campaign too early and missed something? I find it a little hard to believe that the game will dump you off with not even half way to level cap. I can see now that we need the Never ending dungeon pretty quickly. What do you guys think about getting up there in levels, what methods did you guys do?
  10. I understand, it seems like everytime you get up on souls, your weapon breaks and cost half of what you have left. I don't want to get too geeky here, but finding half broken armor is not new to me. I always thought that if I was wandering the woods and found a shield, would it be in perfect condition right off the bat?
  11. I agree and I have noticed that. But are you not taking away from the game if you just run past every enemy? And if you read my post carefully, I need all the souls I can get lol
  12. First off, I feel I need to make sure that I understand this game is Beta. So that is taken into account with this vent. However, video games are NOT beta, they have been around for awhile. I waiting till level 18 to make my first Assend. I never did it because the game is vague on what Assending actually does. Even going to other posts on here and it is still vague. So I assended and did what they told me to. I asseded right after the first Main Dark Boss. Where you fight him arena style. Everything worked out great untill the game frooze after my victory and I had to restart. Which ment I had to make the 20 minute fight over again. I Assended and left my chest armor. It was a high level and I upgraded it almost to max. When I came out the other side, I had to choose a level 1 weapon! Are you kidding me? I was swinging at level 15's with 1 dmg per strike. I understand you lose your weapon, but come on, give us one that it our level at LEAST. Now I'm stuck running by creeps with good souls to loot chests to get a weapon. I still have a low level weapon. How am I even suppose to buy one in the store if I cant get kills for souls? That's my first "Fuck this game." On top of that, you have to fight these ogres that are outragiously over powered. I know I'm not the only one that ends up standing on the stairs and spamming fireballs into his face while watching Break Bad on Netfix on my laptop. If you want us to not exploit the game, make it so we can make more then one swing at these ass holes without getting picked up and slammed down for 1200 HP. "Fuck this game" number two. I want to defend my pillars or whatever they are but no one in their right mind will be at the end of the dungeon fighting the last ass hole ogre and "warp" out to fight an "AI controlled, block spamming" level 22 when you are level 12. THEN after loosing the battle, quess what? "Start the whole fucking dungeon again with your level one femur bone, ass wipe!" "Fuck the game number 3." Is it too hard to ask for a "click the right stick to center camera" option? Not a new feature, every other fucking game has it. Overall, this game reminds me of God of War mixed with WoW. The concept is great, but how do you expect casual players to even find this enjoyable? How the fuck are you supposed to buy anything in the store when you have to spend 45k souls to repair your armor after you get slapped by a troll? If I knew that troll arms can penitrate Hardened Steel armor, I would of chosen that class to start with... This game has its fun factor, but god damn it does it have its rage factor.
  13. Looking for a buddy that would want to exchange the 20 kills per weapon achievement. Get: D0cGl0ck (zero's not O) thanks
  14. What exactly happens when your online be able products gets injured? Someone once told me that you have reduced stats for the remainder of the game. I believe that from experience, however, I cannot find a solid answer (read proof) anywhere online. Does anyone know for fact what happens and what can be done to prevent, or what's best to do after getting hurt? Also, does anyone have proof? For example, an EA website that has it broken down. Not just "oh my friend said..."
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