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  1. The pelts you need for the satchels are a bit ridiculous. I finished the story yesterday, and while I didn't spend hours and hours hunting, I never once even saw a beaver, or a three-point badger. Besides, in the epilogue, you can buy all the satchel upgrades for cold cash. Had I known this beforehand, I would have carried all my pelts to the trapper, damn with Pearson.
  2. The bottleneck in upgrading the ship, for me, has been Ancient Tablets, which I believe no boosters... boost. So no, personally don't think they'd be very useful.
  3. Okay, it seems that putting engravings an all of my kit solved the issue...
  4. As the title says. I have around 25 hours done in the game, and finally got myself all Legendary armor items (was missing a Legendary helmet for the longest time). So, I proudly don the stuff, every armor slot and both weapons slots filled with gold stuff. No achievement. Otherwise all the game's cheevos have been popping obediently, so don't think it's a Live problem. Any ideas how to solve this? It does not have to be like a 'set' of similar armor?
  5. Got Dr. Croft and Completionist today, on post-story play. Final thing I did was to pull down the frog totems in Paititi. Did mostly survival caches and a couple of monoliths before that, a few documents, one conquistador chest and one relic. Guess I got lucky. Got the knife during that side mission.
  6. So, completed the game today. Was playing on the default difficulty, which says 'Rite of Passage'. Unlocked the achievement for that and to my surprise also 'Smart and Resourceful'. Now, I'm only missing 'One with the Jungle' and 'Deadly Obsession', the latter of which I assume to be Hard on all the settings. Immensely glad that I won't have to play the game four times to 100% it, but I'm also curious if I put it on 'Deadly Obsession', will it also unlock 'One with the Jungle'? Also, will it count if done in New Game +? Somewhat confused how this all works. Any help would be appreciated. Ignore the above, found the solution on my own and apparently I'd misunderstood the difficulty settings completely (They all stack). Back to the grind.
  7. Don't skip missions unless you are fairly sure you're unable to complete it. The repercussions are not worth it. This game has a fairly steep learning curve and you're unlikely to do well until you find out what different enemy types do and what tactics work. I myself failed my first two campaign attempts, but now I've done all the achievements for both the main game, DLC, and WotC.
  8. Downloading as I speak. By the way, the install size of the main game is about 20 gigs. The install size of WotC is 42. That's... quite an update.
  9. I'm having some doubts about at which point the Reyes romance counts. I also did the trick of kissing him in the 'Night Out' mission and reloading. Finished the game with a Jaal romance. On my second playthrough, romanced Peebee and Keri, and the achievement didn't unlock until I'd finished both of them. Maybe you have to go as far as siding with him in the 'High Noon' mission?
  10. Strangely enough, I think 'Fastball' glitched on me in the opposite way. I just placed a few points into Pull and Throw before a particular story mission, so I hadn't used them at all before that. Now, I didn't exactly count how many guys I threw together during the mission, but it seemed less than fifteen. Got the achievement for 25 halfway through. Getting 100 power combos definitely required more than doing a 100 power combos, though.
  11. I seem to remember that Insanity difficulty in ME2 was probably a bit tougher in the beginning as high level character. You had high level skills but basic crappy gear, with the enemies scaled to your level. Also, at least as a biotic, all the enemies with extra shields and barriers were problematic without good guns. It got easier after a while, but for the early going it definitely wasn't a cakewalk.
  12. Uninstall all DLC before trying for a match. Couldn't get an opponent before doing that myself, took about 30 secs after uninstalling. This was about 3-4 weeks ago, so I'd guess there still is a healthy player base.
  13. Okay, so I did get Valhalla a few days ago, and I can say that it isn't TOO unfair. At the early game, before getting Magnetics/Plate Armor, your team is well squishy, and you will easily get a team wipe if you activate several enemy pods at once or get a turn of sucky RNG. I do admit, in the early game, I did resort to the dashboard/reload autosave exploit a few times. However, if you do play well, are thoughtful in what moves you make, on Commander difficulty, playing Ironman is completely feasible. Full cover does make you basically invulnerable to instakills, and by using solid tactics and appropriate tools, you can bushwhack the pesky aliens in every mission. Mimic Beacons and Phantom Rangers are your best friends. As your gear improves, the game becomes downright easy if you play it right. As for the glitches I talked about in my previous post, it seems that the recent patches have done a good job. Didn't run into a game-breaking glitch once during my run. I did feel that I the RNG was fairly well on my side in the last fight of the last mission - killed the Avatars with only one of my troops ever getting hit. Now on my Legend playthrough, and let me say to you, compared to Commander, this is sadistic. I do not feel even slightly guilty about save scumming. Feel like I'm over the worst, though, after getting Plasma and Warden armor now. Do not leave building the Shadow Chamber too late!
  14. About halfway through my second playthrough, going with Corvo this time trying to do High Chaos without being spotted. Just finished the Clockwork mansion mission with Silence, and even though I killed almost a dozen people, the general outcome for the mission/playthrough is currently LOW chaos. I wonder if having the skill where bodies turn to ash affects the 'corpses spawn more bloodflies' thing? But anyway, I will be doing a third playthrough anyway with the aim of doing the collectibles plus Well Funded, and that would be easier in High chaos, I think?
  15. I'm planning to start my Ironman playthrough, and I'm not that worried about the difficulty. What worries me are the glitches. So, there was one mission where I was to supposed to extract a VIP, except for some reason the game refused to allow me access to level 2 elevation, where the extraction point was. In a normal game, I fixed it with a reload to the previous Geoscape save (mission save did not fix it). On Ironman, I'd have had my entire squad captured. Another mission, VIP rescue from a vehicle. I open the van door, but the VIP refuses to become controllable. This time, loading an earlier mission save fixes the issue. On Ironman, this would have been a mission failure. I could name others. Sectopods getting off Lightning Field attacks from beyond line of sight. Enemies becoming untargetable. The hilarious spotting mechanics inside buildings. Bugs that do not seem to be platform-specific, yet are present in a game that came out on PC in February.
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