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  1. BTW: Gamertag is actually boltsinxlii

  2. Send me a friend request on live and we can get it done. make sure you have an extra controller

  3. It is not out yet to play on FaceBook. Coming Soon! Soon you will be able to play Apples to Apples™ on Facebook!
  4. The codes will come out when you are able to play the Apples to Apples game on FaceBook. This was done the same way with the RPG game called Dragon Age. The FaceBook game of Dragon Age gave you code for your Xbox game.
  5. My gamer tag is GoddessBastet I need help with getting the achievement called People Person. I need 5 more people for this one. Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each.
  6. This one is not popping up for me. I use fury attack to get my 5 kills and it only gave a count for 1 not 5. PS my gamer tag is now GoddessBastet
  7. I hate the game spawns you away from where you die at and have to run all over the place to get back there. PS my gamer tag is now GoddessBastet
  8. Yes I have the same thing too going on I have 71 out of 72 and I have beat the game twice already. PS my gamer tag is now GoddessBastet
  9. What are the skulls for in this game and how many are there? I did find the purple skull and it gave me a teddy bear. PS my gamer tag is GoddessBastet
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