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  1. Yesterday Gears of War: Judgment arrived for me at work and I tried it out for a couple of hours. Looks great and I just love those games so that will be next. Will never 100% a Gears game though...

  2. Completed The Testament of Sherlock Holmes which was a relaxed and easy 1000/1000 after playing through Gears of War 1-3. And I completed The Walking Dead which is every bit as good as everyone says.


    Played some Halo 4. Still can't get into those games - they just don't feel as good as Gears of War. After that I tried a little Dishonored (promising) and Borderlands 2 (very promising) but then Hitman: Absolution came out and as a proud dane, I of course had to play that game.


    I had a hard time getting any good at the game but eventually I got it and I just think it's a great game. Pretty hard 1000/1000 which I probably won't get.


    I bought the Collector's Edition of Driver: San Francisco after Christmas and am having a lot of fun with it. For a movie buff there's a lot of references to all kinds of movies and the game itself is very entertaining.

  3. Gears of War 3 completed on Hardcore which was a great experience! Extremely good gameplay and well designed missions and the DLC-pack of Raam's Shadow was very fun too with a great end-boss fight against Raam himself.


    However I'm not a big fan of the Arcade version of the game but that's a matter of taste - I like the down and dirty fight for survival and the addition of points for kills etc. doesn't sit right with me.


    Now it's time to look at some of the multi-player achievements in GoW3 but there is also a lot of great games lining up on the horizon: Borderlands 2, Halo 4 and Dishonored, so I'm guessing it won't be long before I move on.

  4. I have now officially started on Gears of War 3 which looks and feels amazing. I also love the level of detail you can go into regarding your stats and achievements (will never get a 100% in a Gears game though... Seriously ;oD)

  5. Have been playing through the campaign in Gears of War 2 and a lot of the multiplayer achievements - both have been great fun and the multiplayer achievements are a lot easier to obtain in GoW2 than the first game.


    Right now I'm going for a lot of the Horde achievements in GoW2 which seem both fun and not too hard.


    Simultaneously I have gotten 1000/1000 in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which I bought on sale for 5 bucks and is a VERY easy 1000 GS. Good fun with the kids though who still wants to play it more so a very good value buy there.

  6. While I'm waiting for the opportunity to get that *#~^! General Raam on (only) Hardcore with a co-op partner, I had a fun week with my wife playing LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures for which I got a very easy 1000/1000.


    Right now I'm trying my luck on the Hitman Sniper Challenge, which you get for pre-ordering Hitman: Absolution, and it's a very fun and pretty hard challenge.

  7. Nice round numbers: "I have 1300 achievements with a total of 23000 points"

  8. General Raam on Hardcore is Insane! (Get it?)


    I've tried to kill him 15-20 times by now and it doesn't seem like I have even been close.


    I've read the forum thread here on xbox360achievements.org to look for pointers and it looks like the best approach would be to go after Raam with a buddy in co-op since Dom isn't worth much in his AI incarnation.


    Try, try and try again...

  9. Had a hard time getting through Act III on hardcore yesterday, but finally got it.


    The Corpser right before the end mission was no problem, but securing the pumping station proved to be quite a challenge because of the enemies carrying the torque bow, which kills you with a single direct hit.


    It took a lot of tries but it was still fun because I still felt I could do better with different approaches and tactics. I ended up falling back to higher ground behind cover outside the station and picking the first batch of enemies off with the Longshot. This helped but I still had to go in and clean up, which ended badly a couple of times before I got 'em all.


    Pretty tough ending to Act III but a great satisfaction when you finally get through it - still, I don't think I'll go for the Insane playthrough which must be - well, Insane - and Gears 2 is waiting on the horizon...

  10. I just got through Act II on Hardcore - and though it sure is harder than Casual, it ain't too bad. The Kryll-ending in Act II was way easier than I had anticipated and I got through on my first try.


    I did however miss the COG tag you have to pick up at the end of Act I, when you're fighting the Berserker, so depending on whether or not I get the rest of them, I will have to go back and get that one later.

  11. I got Gears of War 3 from my job - yeah nice job - so I decided to finally play through all three of them from the beginning, since I haven't done this.


    I got Gears 1 when I got my Xbox for Christmas - BEST Xmas ever ;) - but I had a hard time getting through it at the time, and I started playing Crackdown instead.


    I finished Gears 1 on Casual this weekend and started the campaign on Hardcore for a second playthrough. Still not a breeze to blow through but a lot easier with more shooter-practise under the belt.


    And it sure is - still - a very good game with great game design and heart-pounding action - I am having a lot of fun with it but I'm not looking forward to facing off against General Raam on Hardcore...

  12. Wohoo - reached 20.000G yesterday playing Alan Wake's American Nightmare (I hate scary games - I'm such a wuss), Rock of Ages (pretty funny, Monty Python-esque game) and The Maw (sweet and straightforward game).

  13. That's it - got my last achievement in L.A. Noire yesterday and now have 100%/1400G. Nice feeling and not too hard to get - only time consuming. And I did look at a lot of helpful guides and videos to get 5 stars in all the cases - otherwise the time consumption would have been even worse.


    Don't know what my next game will be yet - probably Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

  14. Finishing up in L.A. Noire: About 18 street crimes, a kill with some weapon (not the flame thrower), cause $47.000 car wreckage on a case and 3 cars missing out of the 95.

    Good times - love to clean up after a huge fulfilling playthrough (33+ hours so far) :)

  15. Got "LA Noire" for Christmas and it has me completely hooked - great game!

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