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  1. Anyone on iOS have their Facebook app fully updated and the app is still showing the old design? My app is fully updated as is my iOS but the new look refuses to update. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. Has anyone else experienced this or have any other suggestions to try?
  2. Great, thanks. I'll be on the look out for them in my travels.
  3. I am at a level 32 right now. I have seen clips of players who's arrow is always on fire whenever they are using it without having to find a fire source to ignite the arrow. Where or how do I acquire the bow with the constant flaming arrow point? I wasn't sure if it was a story progression thing for a higher level weapon or if it was to be looted along the way.
  4. I noticed that the Escape from Starkiller Base DLC is in the store this morning. I haven't downloaded it yet, but was wondering does anyone know if this is the final level DLC pack? I recall them saying 3 level packs as part of the season pass but wasn't sure.
  5. Anyone else not get the Halloween story from him today? When I go talk to him he says something about coming back on thanksgiving.
  6. What do the bars above and below the character picture on the upper left corner of the screen represent?
  7. Thanks. Might have been too easy a mission to spam.
  8. Popped WD in after a long absence to finish up some thing. Did they patch out the Deadly Loop Fixer contract that was in The Loop? Can't find on map or phone.
  9. My Live is connected fine. No idea.
  10. I noticed my overall Gamerscore on console, smartglass, Xbox.com, etc. is 5 points less than it actually should be. I even added up each game total from my console achievement app twice and the missing 5 points was there. Not sure when it started. Anyone else experience this? Any advice?
  11. If I missed the Not Your Usual Assassin achievement on my normal playthrough, can I still earn it on my hard plus playthrough? I figured instead of figuring out what level I accidently killed someone on, I would do it on that playthrough.
  12. Can confirm I did not score each mission to max score and the achievement popped for me.
  13. Anyone know if the Ripper DLC was the last and only DLC that is coming with achievements? Finished ACS a while ago and it has just been sitting on my shelf. If it's done it's time to trade it in and get a little something for it.
  14. Did I miss the Deathless Swordsmen? I'm on my way back to the Soviet Installation after getting through the Flooded Archives. Did I miss that encounter or are they to come?
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