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  1. Here are some tips on getting 50,000 points. Use the Dead Rock map. 1. Communication is the most important thing. "Are you ready to leash?" is all you need to say if you don't like to talk much. 2. 1 person flails and slides/kicks the enemy and your teammate leashes them into the tornado. You get 4 different skillshots ("Not in Kansas" - "Shocker" - "Yoink" - "Sadist") which gives you maximum team points. You want to use this method on as many non-boss enemies as you can. 3. When bosses spawn, everybody should focus on them. After you stun a boss for the second time, 1 designated person should leash him for the "Whiplash" bonus. When 2 people leash at the same time you only get the "Tug-of-War" skillshot instead of the "Bossed" and "Whiplash" skillshots. The boss with the drill gun who's electrified should be taken down as fast as you can, since he has a 1 hit kill weapon. 4. There's no shame in retreating when you're getting overwhelmed with enemies. This also makes it easier for you by separating the faster and slower enemies when they chase you. It's also better to run away than kill an enemy solo, because you don't get team points, which is the only way you can get to 50,000 points. 5. Execute as many team challenges as you can, which gives 500 points to everybody. I still need to get to level 65 because I hate grinding solo and I get annoyed playing with people who don't understand the concept of teamwork, so if anyone is still having a hard time getting this achievement, message me and I'll help you. Gamertag: AkaDad555
  2. I was in the middle of a flamethrower contract when I found someone using the RC car. I lit his ass up like chicken wings at a 4th of July barbecue.
  3. I love how people are saying Veteran difficulty is easy. I've lost count of how many times I've peeked my head out and died. I don't care care how good you are it's not easy.
  4. You know what's worse than the words, spelling, punctuation, and grammar? Your signature. Big font, all caps, and a bright red color. Ahhhh!!!
  5. The easiest way to take out Sullivan is when the cut scene ends, turn around and go behind the terrace and just snipe the hell out of him from there. His ranged attacks deplete your health so don't forget to bring a few painkillers or juice.
  6. I hated Master Shafter too since I couldn't beat it even though I was flying through the button presses, not making mistakes, and still getting my ass kicked. So my daughter said she'd beat it for me and the first time she plays it, she makes two mistakes and still wins the game, which gets me to 100% completion. After the high-fives and me telling her how awesome she is, I tell her "I can now honestly say that I love you, gimme a hug". She tells me to get away from her and "I hate you". "Go hug yourself". Anyway, the trick to beating it is get a daughter or keep playing and you'll win eventually.
  7. I feel bad for people that actually get depressed because they can't 100% a game. Why can't people accept that sometimes you don't have the skills to accomplish every achievement? Games are supposed to be fun and if I'm not having fun, I'll stop playing. I'm not the best FPS player in the world and I accept that, just like I accept that Keira Knightly isn't going to sleep with me and I move on to goals that I can actually achieve. I try to do the best I can when I play a game, but really, it's only a game and there are more important things in life.
  8. I always went up to the Arena and went down that small alley way and I finished with 7 hours to spare. I also made two loops around the statue near the Arena and two loops around the save area in Fortune Park. Just saying...
  9. All achievements that involve killing x number of zombies have to be done in one playthrough.
  10. For Headache, I put 9 hats on before I hit the button. For Stand Up Zomedy, I put on all 3 things to complete an outfit, I then try to block the others from completing their outfits. Good luck.
  11. I've never had a problem finding games. I normally play around 10 pm EST. If I get into an empty lobby, I just back out and try again and that usually works.
  12. You have to finish Bank Run if you want ending A. If you've saved all survivors up until now, then go slaughter the poker players, since you can still save 50 survivors without them. With the poker players dead, it "should" unlock the Tape It or Die door.
  13. There's an LMG in the middle water area of the Pallisades Mall. It's on the southeastern section, west of the Chocolate Confession store.
  14. I've done it twice now and the achievement hasn't popped for me either. I'm gonna try using the map from http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Dead-Rising-2/index.php#top tomorrow and see if that works.
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