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  1. I'm wondering about this two. The only thing I can see is it being knocking them off in Last Man Standing.
  2. I've played a few single player missions on Agent, nothing. Two, local coop missions, nothing. What's wrong?
  3. I think it's 12. You get the chopper and have to recon the mountain facility. I have to place satellite beacons or something? Problem is whenI get anywhere near it. I get shot down by SAMs in about 3 seconds. Any ideas?
  4. Well I'm 25 and in Windsor, Ontario. Other than 360, or video games in general. I enjoy reading, watching movies (scifi,action,drama), music (most types), working out and otherwise just hanging out. I am enjoying XBL so far. There are the odd annoying kids, but no worse then PS2 online has been. (Socom anyone?) Gears of War will probably be my next purchase (assuming I don't pick up an arcade game). But I'm wondering about renting a game or two to get some quick points. Any suggestions?
  5. xBlitzerx


    Hello everyone, i'm Dave. I got my 360 on Sept 30, I'm loving it so far. I had been out of the gaming scene for a few months, but XBLA was the main reason I wanted a 360. You can check out my games list HERE. I have been looking for a decent 360 community and was directed here by a friend on XBL. So yea, here's hopeing it turns out to be great!
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