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  1. It took me 2 years to go from 800k to 900k, but I’ve finally reached it today with the current free play days game arcade collection classics with the achievement master of the classics! Onward to 1 million!!!
  2. Well, this has probably been the longest 100k milestone to reach since I started 9 years ago. But goat simulator helped to quickly hit 800k on the dot today! It's kind of crazy when I look back and remember I started with zero at one point, and to be here now, it's just ridiculous. To think I'm only 200k from seven digits is pretty exciting and somewhat overwhelming. But, I'm probably going to take it slow on the way there because there are a lot of games I wanna get to that take a lot of time. Long live Xbox!!!
  3. Looking for someone to do the online with! MSG me on Xbox live
  4. Well, it's been a long time coming, but 700k is achieved! I've been playing neverwinter and eso like crazy, so the pace has definitely been slow these last few months. So, I started to make a push a few weeks ago realizing I needed about 8k and hit 700,000 on the dot with the castellan achievement in game of thrones about an hour ago. I still have to get to some of the games a man has gotta get to (I'm looking at you rock band 4). Feel free to add me on xbox one!
  5. Horizon 2 is games with gold?! I'm pretty sure I read it's just the first one;)
  6. I was lucky enough to get a avalanche rune to drop from the temple. It has really helped so far against the demon deck:)
  7. Nicely done again man. This wait to continue the campaign is killing me though...
  8. And the wait for epic demogorgon begins! I have completed all other achievements and can confirm the defeat boss 25 times ones unlock when they should even without the tracker showing progress for them also, I checked in the quest log to see if you can track the 25 boss achievements in the in game achievement tracker, but they were nowhere to be found... But they'll pop
  9. I was thinking that too. But maybe it will just pop when you hit 25... Not all cheevos on the xbox one I've notcied actively track as you do them.
  10. Good guide so far xenolith. I was playing with you earlier today. Character name: Joey a 3100 gwf. The gold medal skirmishes weren't too bad I will post any useful info I find.
  11. My main is a 3200 plus gwf and I've completed neverwinter with him. Get your armor pen to 60 percent first. Then build for critical chance and power last. I've taken a break from neverwinter for awhile now, but people that I played with loved my build when I played. A little like the lazalia build in regards to high crit. But I don't like some of the tips in that build as it's a bit outdated/a matter of personal preference that might not be best for you.
  12. Whew well after months of playing (and completing) Neverwinter, I've recently got back in achievement hunt mode and hit 600,000 on the dot earlier tonight with healing hero in valiant hearts: the great war. A great game to boot. Gonna chill for awhile then get to some awesome games i've been putting off like Fallout 4 and Rock Band 4:)
  13. Well I'm happy. Earlier today I finally sold my Tiamat orb artifact for 1.25 million and throne of boo for 649k. Both much more than what the auction house said they're worth. Throne of boo -350k and Tiamat -850k roughly. Happy days!
  14. So hold off until it gets fixed then? Great...
  15. I have 29 gold blessed dyes in the auction house leftover from the coin of waukeeen event. It has a 30,000 buyout and you will have enough of them for all your characters!
  16. You are right. I know I was at 2200 zen because 22 is the day of my birth. Then when I got back I was at 2700 exactly. Kinda worth sending a support ticket for that huh?!
  17. After submitting a ticket earlier today, it only took a little over two hours to get my account back. I'm thrilled and I can't complain. The chat system seems to be fixed as well as ive chatted a lot today with various key words with no problem:)
  18. Me too. I got banned as well for trying to be helpful in zone chat... Any idea how long it will take for them to unban us? I wanna work on my boons:(
  19. I'm thinking of finally doing my character transfer but haven't decided yet because I don't wan't to do the same achievements twice in the future. I'm guessing 1250 will be it but idk.
  20. Looking for a partner to do all online. Game is downloading now. Send me a message on live if interested.
  21. I am looking for a partner to boost the pvp achievements. MSG me on xbox live if interested.
  22. Do these have to be wins, or do losses also count? I ask because some games are tougher to win than others...
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