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  1. So, I get Gamer from Bestbuy and will get 15 bucks off the game. Bestbuy also price matches and I found the game elsewhere for 40. So my question is, is this game worth the 25 dollar price point? Also, can someone explain the Co-op? Could I play through the entire game with a buddy of mine on local? Does it Have local at all?
  2. I don't get the complaints about the sports games. These games are two years old and couldn't be more dead. Who are we kidding, nobody plays these games anymore. What's all the fuss?
  3. The Riddler trailer said Pegi16, which is the equivalent to the American M rating. I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't a little surprised by this. I have no problem with it, and I feel it's showing that Arkham City could be an even more twisted an over the top game the Arkham Asylum, but is anyone else a little surprised? I feel it'll be harder to market this then as a T game, because obviously, quite a few people in the younger audience like Batman as well, and possibly can't get their hands on it now. Like I said, I've got no problem with it, but am baffled from a marketing stand point. Am I just nuts, or does it seem odd from a marketing stand point?
  4. The worst is by no means EA. Most of the EA sports games have had achievements that fit into their games well (Most people who play NHL play it year round and the achievements make sense for THOSE PEOPLE, not the achievement hunters). On top of this, you all easily forget companies that EA publishes for. Recently they've published Alice Madness Returns, Crysis 2, BulletStorm, and Dead Space 2. Are they the best lists? God no, but the worst? Far from it. Worst is Capcom in my opinion, Lost Planet being a big reason. The best is 2k, as ever 2k game I've played I've enjoyed getting achievements for (Barring Darkness).
  5. 5 dollars? Bestbuy put it on sale for 5 bucks. Is that worth it even for a game with this poor of reception?
  6. That if I survive the nuclear holocaust, I'll do just fine in the wasteland created afterwards. Also taught me how to be a prize fighter too, thanks for that fight night!
  7. It's still a mix, though most games seem to be a little bit easier. However, as an owner of Mortal Kombat, I can guarentee not all games are getting easier. Promise you that much...
  8. I swear I heard it while watching the Dark Knight. I'm sure it wasn't there or anything, but still...
  9. As someone else said, Fallout takes a little while to get into. Your barely out of the vault, trust me, wants you get your feet in the game, you'll have tons of fun. I would know, because I did the same thing... Anyway, on topic, if there is a game I don't truly like, I will only power through the story of the game, and I'll really only do that if I bought the game, ala Modern Warfare 2...I have a ton of games on my card that I either A) Borrowed and hated so gave back. B) Bought and haven't played through (bought WAY to many at the holidays...) or C)Bought and sold because they were so atrociously bad, I couldn't stand to play another second. C is very rare through. All I have to say about that is that Ghost Recon doesn't hold up in 2010.
  10. What I'm saying is, my tracker for Pandora Dog Millionaire isn't going up. I have plenty of money, and that keeps rising. However, for the achievement, it still says I have 87k, even though I probably have around 500k...
  11. Playing with a friend the other day, he was shocked I wasn't even close to 1 million yet, even though I'm half way through my play through. I then come to find out that my game has glitched and hasn't been adding money since I hit about 87k (I have close to 200k on me at the moment). Any help? I tried to sell with a brand new character, and then he just stayed at 0. Any tips?
  12. Picked up the Lambo and Super Sports packs and have had a lot of fun with them. If you like the games, and the online, the price shouldn't be that bad. Some cars cost 3 bucks alone, but with these packs you get 3-6 cars and new missions. It has extend my time with this well into the 50 hour mark, so I can't truly say I'm as disappointed as some....
  13. Probably gonna say either pokemon with all the buddies (like Elementary school kids do) or madden in the early 2000's. I still love madden, but it was intense between two 10 year old buddies, much more so than to young adults.
  14. I can confirm that for the time trial "Duty Calls" in the dlc you do not need to take ANY shortcuts. You do, however, need to hit every turn at 200+ mph and drift perfectly throughout. That being said, the narrow shortcuts I found to be much harder than the huge turns, so it's your decision. I did finish with a time of 1:50.63 though. I feel the turns force you to slow down, while the turns won't.
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