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    Not sure if it is different from the 360, but I remember when I got the trial for Trials HD, and when I popped the fist achievement a notification came up and said "To unlock this achievement, please purchase the full game" That would suck to play a trial of a game that sucked, and have it stuck on your Gamercard forever without ever buying it.
  2. I can't stand the people that have headsets on and you can hear their music playing in the backround... That and people that can't control their tempers or outbursts... I know it can be frustrating but control yourself. I hear what you guys are saying about the "recreational drug" references in names. It's ok that you partake, but do you have to tell the world? Maybe they can blame being super baked...like "F a guy baked" for their sucking at a game. I mostly play single player and now a days, just go on TA to find game sessions with players looking for the same goal as I am.
  3. I just checked the price of this game on XBOX.com and it is on sale for $14.99, also Slender :The Arrival is $5 off also making it $5.00 Just a heads up
  4. I'll try it when I get home. Thanks for the update!
  5. My game sees my season pass, tells me the new DLC is "purchased", when I press A to download, it takes me to the market place fr 4.99. I'll try what Maka said, but this is more infuriating than the game itself. I forgot this DLC dropped until I saw the leaderboard, and noticed I dropped from 890 to 1190. So peeeved
  6. I too, loved this game. The voices were great, the environments were well put together. Short? Yes. Enjoyable? Very much so. Did I complete it on 1 and 360? You bet'cha. I thought it was great. As someone else said, puzzles made you think without being too difficult, and once you figure something out, it was like.. "that's all it was?!?!?!" I thoroughly enjoyed the game and would recommend to anyone who likes a puzzle/platformer.
  7. just a heads up... I already put this on TA. If you get noticed by the heli, continue to make your way to the checkpoint on the right (about half thru the requirements) then quit the game. I then went to continue game, and it started me right at this checkpoint. make your way to the left without being noticed, and it still pops. Confirmed by 2 others over on TA.
  8. give or take 60 bucks for all season 1 and 2 tables, and I'd say 3 achievements are easy and one very hard for each season....Once season 2 starts tracking properly. Then there are 2 other easy achievements for getting a top 5 high score on 4 tables, and then the top score on the same 4 tables.
  9. I believe it was $29.99 for the first season, same for 2nd season. So $59.98 for Season 1 &2. Season 2 is currently glitched (tracking is messed up) so you need to get a top 5 score on every table in season 1 for one achievement. Then you have to get the number 1 score on every table in season 1. Then you need to complete 5 basic goals for EACH table, and after that, you need to complete 5 WIZARD goals for each table. Some are easy, and some are super hard like Pin Bot and Medievil maddness. Then, once the achievements are tracking properly, you will need to do the same process with season 2 tables. I'm pretty unhappy, as I've already got all top scores, top 5 scores, and basic goals complete for season two and it reads 86% complete... Good luck, and I've got a couple of guides for several tables on TA for Pinball hall of fame: The Williams Collection.
  10. Pretty disappointed by this achievement list. I'm shocked that they didn't make season 1 and 2 the "core" game and make season 3 DLC. It would dhave been nice if they did what they did with the original Williams collection that was released on 360, which was basically 100GS for finishing a williams challenge, and then every table had a 25G for finishing basic goals on a table, then 50G for Wizard goals. This lumping everything together is pretty pathetic. 10 achievements could have easily been 40 or better. Oh well, it's here, it plays great and overall, I'm quite happy ($59.98 later) Adam
  11. I also just got this game and just set up a session for it over on TA. I will send you a message on XBL and see if you are still up for it.
  12. I may post them in a bit... I just counted....108 retail games and 34 arcade games. I get some really good deals, and pick them up, then they sit with the rest until I come to. I've been off the systems for about 20 days so I'm ready to get gaming again. Also, just got 5 more on the way...Damn deals Edit for actual numbers....No I'm not listing them. Time suck for sure lol
  13. It clearly stated from MS, that you are to get the new console out of the box and packaging and then you are to place your broken console in the new ones place (repack, same packing material, same box) then take that to the Fed Ex store (using the same label they sent you) to return it. Make sure to get tracking number from them and that is it. They paid for 2 way shipping, so you pay nothing out of pocket. Check your original e-mail. Hoping mine shows up in the next few days, as of yesterday the shit still hadn't shipped...
  14. I'm running out of patience. Was told Sunday I would have a new console Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the LATEST, and still, my replacement has not shipped out yet (Wednesday afternoon). Now I called last night asking about the free game, and the guy was real nice and said he would e-mail me the code. Well, I got the security number incase the code doesn't work...BUT, I still have not gotten a damn code! How in the hell can you send 2 e-mails and only one come through, and it isn't even the one I need!? All he had to say was "Well, your console hasn't shipped yet...We were all misinformed about how soon you would get it." Yet I sit here with a fucking brick of a paperweight that can only do netflix, with a $540 hold on my credit card, and no damn code to even attempt to play a game. I remember why I haven't bought a launch console since PS2. MS really needs to pull it together and I need to stop giving praise until they actually friggin deliver the goods. Good intentions don't mean good business.
  15. Mine had a bad disc drive out of the box...sucks, but I sent a request for a call...Got a call within 45 mins and am getting a new console tomorrow. Sucks that they put a hold for the amount on your card til they get your console back, but at least it's 2 days, and not 2 months to repair which is the other choice. I should have known mine would have been faulty...hell I went through 3-5 360s but they were all taken care of under warranty, so life goes on. No free game but the lady was super nice and it isn't her fault that the 1 wasn't working, so it's not like I wanted to ruin her day, as I'm sure she had hundreds of others yelling at her all day. Thumbs up to MS for keeping stock to have for replacements for the failures they didn't foresee. I waited many months, so what's 2 days?
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