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  1. No longer a mod here so I can't. Sorry!

  2. Hey can you shut my account down, I haven’t used it in years but I just received info that suggests someone other than me has access to it. I managed to get back into it, but I believe the old email address that was linked to it is compromised.

  3. Hey, I stopped using this site a few years ago because I stopped playing Xbox. I’ve just received a message from someone saying that this account was messaging them. I don’t need this account anymore, and it’s obvious someone other than myself has access to it. Is there a way to get this account fully shut down?
  4. I've also gotta say thanks for reading the blog guys and girls.. I appreciate it, and thanks for saying it was well written.. I'm a writer, so when I have the time or indeed need to write well I always do. But over the years of forums, texting emailing.. Etc.. I've got lazy when I don't need to lol
  5. Nope, no children. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it is insane. I have forwarded the blog to multiple Xbox employees including Larry Hryb and Phil Spencer. But I doubt they'll take notice. I just hoped to make enough noise that they would at least respond... I don't expect to get my account back, in fact I don't actually want to. I'm enjoying earning all my achievements again. I just hope if enough people voice their issues with the enforcement policy I may at least get my digital content back... Because to take it off me after I paid, I would class that as theft
  6. So I've been permanently suspended from Xbox live.. The reason they gave was my account was complicit in the creation on slanderous imagery... After exhausting all routes to find what I actually am being blamed for... All I am left with is the fact I uploaded an honest review of Windows Phone from an achievement hunters point of view... I said a few negative points about Windows Phone.. Then next day the video was gone from my shared game clips.. And I was permanently suspended.... Full story is here on my blog http://wp.me/p792EB-2
  7. Mine is already paid for on Amazon.. It's refreshing to get a good tactical shooter.. Instead of the plethora of run and gun tripe that's shovelled out these days.. Server issues are a bummer, but my main concern is retards.. Whether it's team killing or just the lone wolf attitude some beta players have, it seems the concept of teamwork is lost on some people
  8. Ah already done. I just had to replay the very first level again and get 3 stars again. So basically yeah, download the companion app get 3 stars on the first mission and it unlocks.. If it doesn't unlock just replay the level getting 3 stars until it does unlock
  9. Okay so I'm blasting through the base command app and I've got 3 stars in pretty much every level. The app is syncing with the game, with no issues. Although this figure is yet to unlock. The figure says: Twi’lek Rebel: In Base Command,achieve a 3-star rating on the first siege in the Rebel campaign. As far as I can tell I've already done this. Anyone having any issues with this particular one?
  10. Hey folks, I just started playing this and its okay.. Everything takes forever to build but as with most F2P games you can pay to speed them up.. I used all my gold in a few minutes because I'm impatient. But there's an easy way to get a good stream of gold coming in.... Click to open menu and scroll to the far right icon called supplies. This is basically a prize wheel. You get one free spin daily but usually spins cost one gold... But on the wheel are a few supply crates and a few different gold values.. ranging from one gold to four... I've been spinning for a while now and I've gone from my original 2 gold up to 25.. Every few times I spin I gain 2-4 gold.. I've also gained over 5,000 supplies.. I'm assuming you can keep going with this as much as you want, so long as you gain more gold than you spend. Hope this helps you guys with this game... and remember its freemium.. the mium is latin for, not really. EDIT: it seems the prizes on the wheel change each time you load up the game.. I just got a wheel with only one supply crate... everything else was gold
  11. So I went to the medical platform at mother base to see Quiet.. At first I had no idea where she was so I wandered around a bit. On the top floor of the building is an electronic door with a blue light.. upon going through the door I was confronted with a character from previous MGS games that I had presumed was dead... a short cut scene follows about the character and how they are alive... and the fact they have no memory of what happened to them Feel free to go view this for yourself...
  12. I'm totally gonna try this... Pretty genius idea... If it doesn't work I'm gonna be sad.. Because it totally should be in the game lol... As for the lullaby tape, there was a similar song in MGS 4.. If played close to an enemy they fell asleep... I'm certain we'll see a lot more Easter eggs and secrets, it wouldn't be a Kojima game without them.
  13. ok so I found info... You can't make these boxes until chapter 2.. you need to find posters within the world and attach them to the box.... Found a few other tips on the page so the link is http://uk.ign.com/wikis/metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain/Tips_and_Tricks I already got the puppy, but didn't realise it was in a specific place..
  14. So I've developed a few boxes but can't see any of those ones we saw is the demo a few months back.. The ones with an enemy or girl painted on to trick the enemies.. Anyone managed to get one yet or have they been removed?
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