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  1. REEEEEALLY needing a boosting partner before server closure, I'm rank 41! I will help with any other game to boost if a person needs so afterwards. Please! Thank you!
  2. If anyone wants to boost this multiplayer list out of the park, I'm game. Gamertag: Hochberg :]
  3. Looking to get the 'Friendship Rules" achievement because it seems to be glitchy for me.
  4. I remember seeing an interview back a bit before Gears of War 3 came out explaining how losing player data was no longer possible due to it being stored on their servers. Well, I dashboarded in out a game that I was in the middle of being spawn killed in, and so I booted the game back up, and nothing seemed unusual until I had pressed the start button, and a whole bunch of unlocks started to occur, which I had previously obtained. I thought nothing of it, considering it's done that to me a few times in the past. Once the game had finished loading everything up, I was outright SHOCKED. My rank was reset from 400 all the way to level 11, which I suppose was from the experience I had earned in the last game I quit out. My onyx medals... RESET. I have spent over 110+ hours on this game last month, and over 600+ hours in total on it. I looked at Gears of War's technical support forums, and there is NO fix if I had already pressed the start button. So, I sit here now staring at my blank screen of medals, with all my progress from the past 3 years simply erased; just like that. If there is a way to somehow reverse this, because I've tried a few methods already, then please, tell me how I can get this mistake changed. I will never, ever go for Seriously 3.0 again if I'm unable to get back my lost time. It's just way too much to try and climb back towards...
  5. I doubt anyone will see this post, considering it's the last day, but I'm up for some multiplayer or anything, really. Gamertag: Hochberg
  6. Looking to get basically all of the multiplayer achievements! Gamertag: Hochberg You may message me on Xbox, or here if you prefer.
  7. Thanks, I'll definitely be giving this a go and see how it treats me!
  8. I wish I had seen this a lot earlier. xP Oh well, this will certainly help considering that I need to complete like 3 more playthroughs!
  9. Hi peoples, anyone interested in doing co-op related achievements? Message me on here, or Xbox. :] Gamertag: Hochberg
  10. Hello, I am looking to get the map pack related achievements for Moon, and maybe Call of the Dead if it's still on my console.
  11. I need help with the core games easter egg as well as Die Rise! Gamertag: Hochberg
  12. I'd be happy to play this game with anyone and grab the co-op related achievements and whatnot. Gamertag: Hochberg
  13. Oh, boy. I'm the first new poster. Welp, if anyone is looking to get the Victories Keep Piling Up achievement and its counterpart for losing a number of ranked matches, hit me up! Gamertag: Hochberg :]
  14. I've had this game at 960/1000G since the first month it came out. If anyone would like to knockout completing the Spec Ops on veteran then shoot me up a message! Gamertag: Hochberg Also, I suppose we could create a 'game session' on this site if anyone is interested in making a visible time-frame.
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