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  1. Found it on the Marketplace through a link out of the forum here, but unfortunately its not available in my region (germany) Anyone an idea how i can manage to get it on my xbox? Some way with a VPN or someting?
  2. Hi everyone, just started playing GoW last week, and saw, that the DLCs are for free, but I can't find them on the marketplace or an option in the game to download them. Are they still available? If so, how can i get them? Thank You
  3. Very easy 1000. Can be done in an afternoon, but the game itself isn't that good.
  4. Great guide for a great game. Thanks a lot. Unfortunately I missed the very first talk with Lucy :-(
  5. rated it with 5 stars, can you please rate mine too, its called Easy Bronze, creater is Thrawn1601 I am also looking for someone who will try the 2 player trails with me... last Missing Achievement.
  6. Thanks for the great guide, helped a lot.
  7. Sacred 2 is crazy large, therefore Dungeon Siege looks like a Demo. Both are great games, and i liked to play them. But for getting 1000 GS, DSIII is defentily easier, or lets say less time consuming.
  8. Thanks for the tip, worked fine. Was the most time consuming achievement in an overall very easy game.
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