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  1. I'm sure I'll play 1000 games by the time Halo 6 comes out XD
  2. Kinda curious to see if I'll unlock this achievement if I start playing a different game... [5 mins later] yup, just got it playing Skyrim, had to punch an old lady to death while wearing nothing.
  3. Just curious, why don't you recommend this? I know most people say it is by far the best AA to use in the campaign. I haven't beat the campaign on leg yet so I really have no opinion to give. Also, if possible could you add a list of AA ranked for usefulness? You don't really declare which AA is superior over other good choices. I assume most levels won't have all of the said AAs and you'll probably tell us in the guide for levels when to swap out, so if you don't feel its necessary I understand. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just checking, wouldn't 6+ episodes for spartan ops be separate from map pack DLC?
  5. Ha title says "50%" exp and i thought, "Why would I want half experience...?" lol
  6. I'm gonna go with either your controller is failing or your lagging, hard to say though
  7. I agree XD Makes my day, everyday. 5 stars because... well because lol, yes lol.
  8. Tweaks I'd make: Nerf boltshot (make it more like the Mauler, shoot and punch) Drop the ordinance system, map re-spawns for power weapons only. Ordinances for grenades, lesser-power weapons, and Armor abilities only.(With possible exception of completely one-sided fights) Get rid of the Mantis from MP. Tanks are bad enough. Buffs (speed, defense, attack boosts), gtfo. pointless, just make it a losing perk or something. I think that about covers my experience other than adding more staple gametypes (grifball, snipers, swat, etc)
  9. If my completely random memory span for useless information is correct it was roughly 110k
  10. This^^^^ just stick a break between them and put a label above the 2 catagories saying "Stickies" and "Other" (might be a better name to use than other but I can't think of one.) :/
  11. Sometimes there were hiccups in reach/3 where you could sit for a half-hour without getting a player/game.
  12. Usually because the condition is key to completing the mission or there is just one optional.
  13. Promethiggedon http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQr3-1XcfPMemPDmtCbVtmUXuEQgZvm9bM9sIsJdXs4rwx9w-MclA
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