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  1. So often does it scan? Or do we have an option to request it ourselves ala TrueAchievements? I just ask because I've unlocked 5 more achievements since my last post but they aren't updating.
  2. I seem to be good to go. Thank you very much!!
  3. This is the achievement for changing the main characters job to 3 others besides his starting jobs. I actually unlocked it yesterday, but it is showing up as still being locked. And even when I load up an earlier save, it's still not unlocking. Just a heads up for anyone else playing this right now.
  4. I do not see anyone else on the site with the game complete. So I guess I am the first. So woohoo. The achievement guide and road map here is fantastic. And the advice for using a script on the PC version to be able to get to level 131 for General Argent was spot on. So kudos to the guide writer.
  5. Just wanted to point out that Manuscript #38 is wrong. You face the light and turn to the LEFT. I had to check the Achievement Hunter video to find the damn thing.
  6. Might seem a bit tame in comparison to some of the others but I just recently cracked 900,000. Only taken me eight years to do it, LOL.
  7. I tried it a few times on my own but then attempted it again using the tips in this thread. I put the difficulty down to easy, turned off assisted breaking and steering, and spammed the hell out of the rewind feature. My time? 03:12:938 compared to the choppers 03:13:305. And I'm horrible at racing games.
  8. I need a handful of the mutliplayer achievements. Obviously the rope ascender thing needs to be boosted, but the rest I need can be obtained through normal play I believe. Whether you want to boost or play legit, add me. GT: FJMatlock
  9. I'm just wondering this. Sure there aren't any achievements with it, but I'm considering for once to just buy DLC and play it to enjoy it and not just for achievements. But I'm wondering if anyone on here has tried the Survivor Mode stuff, and enjoyed it? Or is it just a waste?
  10. Hey all. I purchased this game a few months ago and only now am I getting around to firing it up. I saw a fair bit of DLC available, but I can't seem to gain any access to it. When I try to buy it through the game it says "sorry but there are no items available for purchase at this time". I've done a search for the content through the marketplace on my console and via XBox.com and I can't even find a listing for the game when I do so. Anyone else have this issue? And if you did how did you fix it?
  11. So after having this on my shelf for a while, I took it out again and proceeded to complete Devil May Cry 2, starting from Mission 5 all the way to the end. I saw the ending and...nothing? No ending credits, etcetera. I've only beaten it as Dante so do I need to beat it as Lucia to get actual credits? Or did something screw up?
  12. ....while I was playing Nightmare At North Point. Yes, that's Wei in mid-air. yes, that's me controlling a rider-less motorcycle.
  13. Ever since this game came out, I've been having trouble saving the on-site achievement list. It's not that it doesn't save (well sometimes it doesn't) but all the achievements show in the list as if they aren't checked off. It shows "14 of 15 achievements" but they're all visible. And when I click the link to hide the completed achievements, it does nothing. I have already gone ahead and deleted the checklist and re-enabled the achievements, and it's not fixing it. Anyone else having this problem, or know how I can fix it? It's a little aggravating.
  14. Heaven forbid someone let go of your hand and try to let you figure something out on your own for once.
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