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  1. just a question...i'm a level 6 prestige, i use ghost and ninja on every class, but the samething happens to me quite often where people are looking elsewhere to only turn and start shooting at me before i even hit the door/window/hallway or whatever the case may be..this still puzzles me..and there is no blackbird airborn..
  2. I still can't understand why you have absolutely no chance to avoid a claymore...your died as soon as you trip it...n THE ABSOLUTE WORST hit detection..n the knife ahahah you mean the samurai sword...gimme a break Treyarch!!!!
  3. Good post jrath05..I will definitely have to jump on and try that, since I was having trouble with these as well..
  4. I was having ALOT of trouble with this, but as in TEALPAVELSKI's guide says, pulling the middle block works..I did it first try, I would just like to add a few pointers that helped me out. First, when you pull the blocks out(starting from the highest point) get the camera lined up directly with the block n take your time pulling it out. Second, after each level(3 blocks) spin the camera around your stack to make sure it isnt leaning, if it is, simply get behind the side that is leaning n 'push' the stack. I found that the best method of straightening yourself out, and since you have a solid platform on all four corners, the stack should be very stable n not tip over. But yea, great guide Tealpavelski!!
  5. I'm not 100% but my brother noticed this as well. I'm pretty sure with the last Live update, it doesnt matter if you purchase DLC or not, if your connected to Live it automatically throws the xtra cheevos and gamerscore on there..Now again, not 100% but I'm pretty sure, as this has happened to my brother and myself. He wasnt very happy about it either, since it doesnt count towards a 100% completion, but what can you do but go :uzi:on someone.. Oops!!
  6. I'm glad there's a game which takes balls, skill and a shit load of luck to complete the game on veteran. It'll sort the men from the boys That is the dumbest post I've seen on here yet..if it takes a 'shit load of luck' how does that sort the men from the boys?? makes no sense Making the AI have RIDICULOUS aim n somehow they dont even need to look where they shoot. Teammates that do absolutely nothing. On top of the fact that you can shoot people 7-8 times before they finally fall over n die..just to have more people reappear within seconds... ^^^these do not make the game hard...they make the game not fun!!! The story is great but yet again Treyarch fails with just boosting AI health, aim, n dumbing down ur team...EPIC FAIL, ONCE AGAIN!!!! n honestly guys, care package glitch with launch(regardless if it was patched quickly) still, the glitch was figured out before the official release(n was done the same way it was in MW2)...I'm sorry but Infinity Ward does a MUCH BETTER job with the series. IMO
  7. The story is awesome(IMO)..AI is definetely dumb, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They will tell you to move up, even though there are enemies everywhere!! Makes no sense, but a good game nonetheless!!
  8. Wal-Mart is your best bet if you didnt pre-order...I got it right after the midnight launch, and they had a HUGE box left!!
  9. Thanks!, but 3-4 tables!!..lol I'm lucky if I clear one, maybe two!! I'm guessing I really suck at this game then..lol
  10. Signed!!..Two days and 12-14hrs, and all but two achievements(the two multiplayer for ranking up) later and Reach has been conquered..Surprisely pretty good, ALOT better than Halo 3..Good work Bungie
  11. I beat it solo, on legendary, in two days, took about 12-14hrs..died probably 150 times n had a few tough spots, but this game was no where even close to being as hard as COD on veteran, especially World at War!! Just conserve your ammo and remember there are a few spots you can 'sprint' and get past without killing a single person. Just dont do what I did and skip two elites, not knowing I would have to come back thru that area, and instead of 4 elites on the way back, I had 6!! Rookie mistake!!
  12. I can't seem to get the Gold Medal for the time, which is ten minutes. Doe's anyone have any strategies? I got the Gold Medal for points, but I can't seem to even come close to the time. PLEASE HELP!!
  13. antnie that is great analogy..I'm afraid I feel the same way, and if developers start charging me to play their games online when I already pay Microsoft, to play online, no more Xbox!! I know developers don't care even if 75% of people quit playing because the 25% that keep playing will make them millions, but they won't get a penny from me! If I paid $10 a month for every game I played online last year, I would of spent over eight hundred dollars, GIMME A F***IN BREAK!!! I am already wiping the dust off my PC, to play for free!!!!
  14. Thanks man, good post...I might actually pick this up now!
  15. for whatever reason, with Madden 11..You have to sign into the online play to get a roster update..
  16. I just bought the game and this will help out alot!! Thank You Sir
  17. Thanks for the heads up..I just DL the game and will use the advice. I have also been screwed by EA many times before. I think I will use the same approach (using Gamefly and used, especially since they taxed their online) EA is:ass!!!!!!!
  18. Turbo, samething here man, I thought I was the only one. I have hit so many close shots, to only line up my putt(next shot), and be on the other side of the green. WTF!! I have also had the ball just roll right over top the hole. Now I'm talking the ball stops about a foot or two past the hole but just skates over it, not jumping or anything. DOES ANYONE TEST THESE GAMES BEFORE RELEASE!!!!!
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