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  1. I'm looking to do all the raid/strike/stuff. I've just joined the clan "Destiny Late Starters" and I'm currently available 10am-3pm and 8pm-1pm GMT most days
  2. Bozak DLC - 3 players needed to finish under 25 mins. UK-based, on most evenings from 2030.
  3. I've come back to DL after many months rinsing Titanfall and I just can't get back into it. I'm constantly over-powered and can't seem to find any decent weaponry. I'm about 15% storyline complete and 7 hours into the game, still in the first area. I've read it's a good idea to boost lvls before starting the campaign proper - is it worth starting again, or any tips to boost lvls mid-game? Anything that'll make my life a little easier ;-)
  4. I've been having same problem since day one. Two updates haven't changed a thing. I'll get 4 or 5 waves into a game - it freezes (stuff running on the spot etc) and kicks me out usually with Host has left the game. No host migration, straight back to menus with another message saying I need to be connected to Live to play. Given I have 100mb connection a zero issues with any other game something is wrong with COD:AW. If anyone knows of a fix please come forward. It's really pissing me off cause I want to finish the damn achievements and get rid of this POS.
  5. I should add it shows as completed in Challenges and other achievements had popped after it.
  6. Achievement progress for Sensei is 100%. In the achievement app it says "Done! Unlocking..." but nothing happens. Any ideas please?
  7. Edit - largest combo 448 - 567,000 XP - 11 ranks in one game!
  8. Just thought I'd share a solution I've posted on TA. This is probably the quickest method to level up - best score so far was 420,000 XP and 8 levels in 15 minutes. Grab the DLC map Henge and a boosting partner. Mars sword is a must, and equip as much focus gear as possible. Run through the first objective as quickly as possible (wood cart) and move on to the Scorpios. Combos aren't worth the effort at the moment as the enemies are too low-level. Man the Scorpios and as soon as the arena starts to change jump down. Do not kill any enemies with the Scorpio. The player going for XP focuses on kills whilst your partner uses their Focus ability to stop any moving enemies (do not kill anything, just make sure your partner doesn't get overrun and enemies are constantly frozen). Communication is key as Focus has a habit of recharging at the wrong time! You should be able to get 100+ combo before moving on to the next area. Use Taunt to keep the combo going whilst changing areas. Kick the blocks in the hole and carry on focus/killing. It's possible to get 250+ combo before reaching the Scorpios again - but due to the low level of the enemies you'll probably only pick up 70-90k XP. Manning Scorpios automatically ends your combo. This section is where you'll pick up the most XP. Man the Scorpios again, jump down when the arena changes and kick the fires over. There 3 waves of enemies including the bosses. There's a possible 350-400 combo available here - and because the enemies are the highest level, anywhere from 200-400k XP. On a bad run you can pick up 100-150k XP, but if you keep your combo over 200 you're looking at 200k+ in around 15 minutes.
  9. It's now worked. I collected the chronicle I was missing and quit at the next checkpoint. Powered down the Xbone and restarted. The achievement didn't "pop" but it's now showing as achieved. Hope this helps someone else stuck with the same glitch.
  10. I completed the game twice, collected everything. Smartglass shows a missing Chronicle on the 3rd level, Xbone showed it missing too (41/42). I start the level again and the Chronicle (last one on the level) is showing as already collected (ie not glowing green). I follow the thread on here to try and unglitch it - delete the game - reinstall offline, play the level again and pick up the Chronicle, then go back online...and nothing. I've lost all my SP character progress (no big deal cause I unlocked all the other SP achievements) and every collectible has been reset to 0 (bar the 1 bloody chronicle I picked up). Am I going to have to play the whole thing again?
  11. Hello. I'm SL128 in NG++ and can't face another run through - great game it is but 160+ hours = DS fatigue! I just need 4 weapons in my inventory to finish off the achievements and will give them straight back (plus anything in my inventory you might want) Channeler's Trident (worst. drop. ever.) Dragonslayer Spear Great Lord Greatsword Greatshield of Artorias GT: HWNDarkside Thank you :-)
  12. Just in case this helps anyone... I'd completed the game on Normal in June 2012 WITHOUT the DLC being downloaded (it wasn't available at that time). I started a New Game+ from the above save WITH the DLC installed on my Hard Drive and completed the game again in November 2013 on Classic to unlock the Devil's Horns. I cleared the cache (as per the other guides) and started Pure Survival offline, got to the bench on Chapter 3 and no Devil's Horns. I deleted the DLC, cleared the cache again (just in case) but then couldn't access the Pure Survival save or the Classic save because the DLC was missing. I could however access the Normal save from 2012 and start a New Game+ on Pure Survival, again offline. The Devil's Horns were waiting from me when I got to Chapter 3. Exactly the same worked for Hardcore mode too.
  13. All sorts of accessories added including: Datel Turbo controller Official wired controller Official wireless adapter Official wireless headset
  14. I have just listed an NTSC Xbox for sale (I'm based in the UK) and a limited edition red Resident Evil Xbox 360 Elite 120Gb, along with a couple of games including The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. http://r.ebay.com/OpZgwA - NTSC console http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111124593835&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT - 120Gb Elite
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