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  1. Looking for experienced people to do the "flawless raider" achievement today. I have 2-4 guys that wants to do this today, so I need 1-3 more. Possible to do this with 5. But I need someone who knows the raid very well, with good weapons and lvl 30+. GT: Mutlucus Message me if you want to attempt this.
  2. I'm up for boosting them. Done with BF4 a long time ago, so have no plans to play this legit anymore. Just want to do the achievements and move on. Just add me and message me when you want to boost. I'm on Xbox almost everyday between 14.00-19.00 GMT. GT: Mutlucus
  3. Looking to do the "Flawless Raider" achievement. Done the raid MANY times with all three characters. I have two on lvl 29 and my Warlock on lvl 30. Maxed out weapons and experienced. Also have a friend who wants to do this. He is lvl 30 aswell. We are both on almost everyday, so just contact me if you want to attempt this. Only achievement I have left. GT: Mutlucus
  4. Need a good team for the 10 win-streak chievo. Im on all day. Gamertag: Mutlucus
  5. Need some of the legendary items on lvl 70. I have a lvl 70 Crusader, with 3-4 items. Add me or message me if you can help. Gamertag: Mutlucus
  6. Having the same problems aswell. Been trying to get wins on "Last Titan Standing" and every 2-3 matches, I lose connection. If I wait on a lobby, I also randomly lose connection. Have had many losses because of this, and its getting unplayable.
  7. Yeah, I need to get this done aswell. And since its almost impossible to find a match, guess I will have to boost these. Gamertag: Mutlucus
  8. So I just downloaded an almost 2GB update for Black Flag right now. Just wondering what it fixes, since I coulndt find anything about it when I searched. Does anyone know?
  9. Hi, was in Black Flag's main menu earlier today, when it said it was Double XP in the multiplayerscreen. When I played a multiplayer match, I didnt get any XP boost thou. Was wondering if it is a bug or a message Ubisoft has forgotten to remove or if its really a Double XP Weekend that hasnt begun yet. Would be fantastic for me if it was since I want to get to LVL 55 this week. I did check other forums and Ubisoft's main site, and no mention of it.
  10. Looking to boost this awful achievement aswell. I'm on right now and probably all week. Want to get this done ASAP. Gamertag: Mutlucus
  11. Looking to do two more Bomber Raid ribbon aswell as killing 20 people with the UCAV. Gamertag: Mutlucus
  12. Looking for any kind of souls (Soul of Night, Light, Might, Sight etc.) and will trade about anything for it. I have items from the start all the way to adamantite. GT: Mutlucus
  13. I didn't buy it for the multiplayer, but that doesnt mean it should automatically suck. And what the hell does it matter if it hasnt been released everywhere yet? So, I have to wait for everyone to get it to get a good online experience? It says 900-1100 matches is being played right now, that should be enough to join a game. If they wanted Far Cry to be just a singleplayer experience, they should have done it so (Like Skyrim, The Witcher, Batman etc). But when they make a multiplayer that is barely playable that wreckes the experience overall. The co-op is okay though and the map editor is pretty amazing, but it still pisses me off that I can't choose to be on the same team as my friends. I expected more, we are in 2012 ffs, it's not so hard to make the matchmaking like GoW, Halo, CoD, Battlefield etc. Stupid designing, nuff said.
  14. What the hell Ubisoft? This is by far the worst design in multiplayer I have seen in recent time. First of all, it's almost impossible to find a single match to play. And not a specific gametype, but whatever I can find. I have been searching for a quick match for over a half an hour and haven't found a single lobby with players in. After one hour of searching I finally got in a match but only to find out you can't choose teams. Forget choosing, you can't fucking switch teams. If people in your team leaves the game and you are standing there 1vs5, you are fucked. And parties, wtf happened to parties? I can't have a party with friends before I search, no, I have to find a lobby first, then invite. And it's 50/50 if they will be on your team or not. What the hell kind of design is that? How come no reviews mentioned this. Whats the point of having team gametypes, when you cant even work together with your friends. The gameplay is fine, a mix of CoD and Battlefield, but there is no point when you can't vote teams, vote maps or anything. Or is it something I am missing? The menu is a big mess aswell. I didnt find anyone else who complains so maybe it's just me?
  15. Anyone gotten the achievement yet? I'm on 4941 so I will probably get it tomorrow. I also have 9091 kills.
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