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  1. anyone here? this game was easy as hell up to the championship stuff. but this game seems to work against me at ever corner I hit poles more than i hit zombies, i even swerve around zombies and im confused cause i didn't mean to do that. im constantly one hit away from killing enemies only to have them either escape or the kill gets stolen. i spawn near the zombie mine weapon which is of absolute no use to me. not sure if anyone experienced this but i was shooting an enemy and he was driving into me, his health got down to half and it just stopped depleting. i checked and had ammo and then died cause i couldn't kill the other vehicle im doing a checkpoint level and I seem to lose control from a gust of wind or hitting a zombie makes me spin out.
  2. i like the game but im still trying to figure out how people kill me with 1 hit when im level 5 and have like 400 more attack power then they do and have several attack buffs it takes to long to start a match.. i sit for like 5 minutes waiting for the game to ready up 28/29........ and then you get like 500 happy stars for winning a match.. if your going to make things cost more happy stars GIVE me more happy stars.
  3. TimespliTT


    its hard to pass that close to the goal, first youre probably alone. and have three guys around you to block the pass however they please.
  4. the enemy always passes it when im about to steal it. the enemie always catches up to me and grabs the ball instantly when i have it. when i do a deep pass it gets stolen 90% of the time. when they do a deep pass i steal it about 40% MY AI lets the enemy AI pass with care. then i have to dodge 3 guys with the ball alone on offense. the enemy uses a power up and holds the ball for 10 minutes trying to score after me. like a random surge of wanting to tie the game.
  5. i didnt upload it but i had a match where the ball was going into the net (wide open) and the ball warps into the goalie hand
  6. I'd like to be on the list, i however work from 8 to 7 on weekdays
  7. in the beginning of the game I'd double dodge. thats my way of playing. it worked and I'd dodge like 99% of everything. now thats out of the window and i have to stand there and wait. sometime i have 4 guys around me and i cant predict when to dodge(this is where double dodge help) and froom cougar time and i have the malaa equipped. which works wonders on smaller enemies but on bigger enemies it seems to malfunction 1/4 times. no joke. I'm looking right at the enemy and point in there direction but get hit. couple of questions. can i get the bracelet of time AFTER beating normal replaying levels? can i get the immortal marionette replaying all levels on easy? can i get pure plats with getting hit ONCE, on normal? no matter how hard i try i kill 29 guys but that last one gets a mercy hit in and there goes my no damage..
  8. i have only been playing for a couple hours. but when i talking to people. in the background is rrhrrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrrrrrrrrrr. when i pause the game or press dashboard button the noise stops. so its got to be ingame. just finished an interview. noise stopped after the interview and im walking around. no noise
  9. i have done like 4 story mission and whenever i got hostile or alarmed i loaded up my save i however have only gotten the bonus smooth operator bonus.. one time i already know ive screwed up the achievement, but im going through the levels and practicing and finding vents. im in the belltower right now and these guys spot me at the stupidest time. i climbed into a room via a vent. i hacked the camera, and you guessed it as i was making my way to the vent while crouched i was spotted.
  10. im getting hit sometimes without even noticing it. like I'm supering and comboing and i look and ive been hit somehow. and when im comboing into winning the match it becomes to late to back-out. and strider is a pain in the ass always finds a way to get that hit in. going to try tomorrow. will switch back and forth, do snapbacks. xfactors, and level 3 super.
  11. why cant we pick them up, what the hell. i want to know if ive already done one but you just read them....
  12. i dont have the game anymore, but maybe the game wasn't giving it because i was using CAWS? that would be weird though since i got the 50 wins and the glass achievement with the same caws. if i ever play the game again i will try all at once against chavo
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