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  1. Hey, Puppys. I just saw your post in Pants thread, if you want all the weapons and 99 of every consumable in Dark Souls, let me know. If it's your 6th completion you may as well be op from the start lol.
  2. Hi Tehapoc. *Waves Pants, Dauntless is fun, I really enjoyed it. The only grindy achievements are the plus 10 weapons and getting to level 40. I think it me took about 20 -30 hours to get from 30 to 40. You've probably noticed that I got back into BDO. You can msg me when you want to go back to souls and I'll make time at the weekends. If you plan on playing BDO, I'll teach you what need to know.
  3. I was thinking of buying this, but I got back in to BDO, I still play MHW and Warframe, the Kingdom Hearts collection is out and I play Dark Souls with Pants at the weekends. Fuck.
  4. Pants got really excited when he saw that Smough's armour had nipples! Pants, I'd recommend you knock out some of the solo stuff in Dark Souls before the weekend. It's up to you, though, I can talk you through what to do then or post the info in here during the week.
  5. Hey, Man. I d be down for some Remnant at the Weekend. Let me know what time you want to play!

  6. That sounds cool, I'm looking forwards to seeing what you guys come up with! I've been a member for over 12 years and despite not logging in for a year, I still feel loyal to this site. I can remember my first post, I was stuck on Blue Dragon, you and a guy called Zef helped me! I was 25 at the time, fuck I've got old, lol. I don't like TA, something about that place just feels off. This makes me happy, I love any excuse to play those games and I know how to get all the achievements from memory, so you wouldn't need a guide. We can also use the 'delete from console' save trick to reduce playthroughs. I'd personally encourage more playthroughs, but It's up to you. I'm not sure how up to date you are with MHW, but Capcom have added guardian armour and defender weapons to rush people through to the expansion. If you plan on getting Iceborne I'd recommend grabbing those. Iceborne itself is a huge time sink, though, there hasn't been any crown events for the new monsters so far. Sweet, I'll be sure to read through it!
  7. Hey, Pants! I have not logged in for over a year, I'm happy this site is still going, but sad it's a little dead compared to the glory years. The reason I'm posting is to let you know I'll still hook you up with all the good shit in the Dark Souls games. You'd have to level up quite a bit in DS2, though. I'd also co-op with you if you like, but I'd destroy everything and the games would feel like walking sim for you, lol. I've also collected everything in a game called Remnant:From the Ashes and know the game really well, but again, if I was to co-op with you, I'd destroy everything. My friend was horrified when I was killing bosses in 10-15 seconds, lol. My new gamertag is BulletPrimeUk if you want to add me. Thanks for still writing guides, Just finished The surge 2 and your guide was Invaluable.
  8. How odd, I did something similar, I shut my Xbox after killing the boss because I didn't chop his arm off and missed out on the OP weapon. Luckily the ending achievement registered, but I was salty as fuck, I wanted that weapon! I did a 3rd playthrough for fun and decimated everything, still need to finish the DLC.
  9. Bed of Chaos is a boss from Dark Souls, an evil tree controlled by a bug, or maybe the tree controls the bug? It spams fire all over the place without setting itself on fire, will slap, punch and slam you, not to mention there are holes all over the place to fall in. Like I said, boss is a cunt.
  10. I wouldn't let it put you off too much, it's just a little frustrating and if you only go for achievements, it's only two fights. If you plan on buying a game this month, go for Nier: Automata. I can't wait to play and get stuck at the ladder climbing section.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. Suprised you're not hyped for the Resident Evil 2 Remake, it looks amazing to be honest.
  12. I'd wait until the 17th for the official reveal, from what I've heard the leaks are bullshit. Someone 'leaked' info that Activision shut down the campaign for being too 'Outlandish'. It apparently involved time travel to alternative versions of Black Ops 1/2 missions to rewrite history, but like I said this is supposed to be bullshit, but who knows at this point. I only care about the zombies mode, hopefully that doesn't get fucked with.
  13. The Good Place 10/10 - This show is awseome and for me at least, original. Lost in Space 8/10 - Pretty good show, but has it's problems.
  14. You have a much higher chance of obtaining crowns from the multi monster event quests, so snipe the one you need and 'return from quest'. Tempered investigations have a higher chance than normal investigations. investigations with 2 silver and 1 gold reward also have a good chance. This is all from personal experience, I've completed well over 1000 invetigations even though the counter stopped at 999, lol.
  15. The Megaman event is live and it has a guaranteed Mini Gold Crown for Odogaron, he is tiny, lol. Pants, did you kill Kirin? I've sorted my notifications out, so I can actually see the messages people send me. If you still need help, message me, yo.
  16. Well, at least your HR is being banked! I would highly recommend you solo Kirin, he is unpredictable when playing with a group, it's especially risky when playing with randoms. Make sure you take your most powerful fire weapon, thunderproof mantle, a thunder resist charm (or slot 3 thunder resist decos into your armour) and eat the meal that gives you elemental resist up L. Take your time and don't rush him, he will punish you, you've got 50 minutes and 3 faints, you should be good to go. If all else fails, hit me up and we can take him out together, I've also got good teamates in my squad that can help.
  17. Pants, Deviljho is now required for the Monster Ph.D. achievement, but he is not required for the crowns achievement.
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