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  1. Awesome sig! Gambit is my favorite :)

  2. Seeing as this game is pretty much a carbon copy of the original, here's the achievement guide and roadmap from the 2006 version: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/marvel-ultimate-alliance/guide/
  3. I was playing online with 3 other friends and one of my friends unlocked Wolverine's second costume. I loaded up my game today and although Wolverine is wearing the costume it's re-locked. I'm playing as him now to at least re-unlock the costume so A) I have it again and B) so I can unlock the achievement for unlocking all costumes. As I was typing this I decided to play a little more and sure enough I killed one more guy and it unlocked. I'll keep the thread in case anyone else is worried about this.
  4. Damn, you can't even play the game right now. Well maybe "offline" but I chose not to even fuck with it for now. It attempted to sync online data and said it couldn't. So to avoid any weird data migration/corruption/whatever I just decided to wait til this gets sorted so everything is online from the go. Edit: This part seems to have been fixed. Just waiting on the achievements now.
  5. Are there really no achievements for this game? Or are they just late pushing to Live?
  6. Yeah, matchmaking preferences are awful. With map/mode based achievements you should be able to vote at least.
  7. Have you tried winning two more?
  8. Good writeup, bro! I look forward to giving this a run (or 50).
  9. Regarding my glitch, the only fix is starting up a new campaign. It's definitely a glitch because as y'all have probably discerned, those special zombies containing the ZDC chips always come in pairs. (The side mission variety.) I knew something was up when I came across a lone ZDC chip carrier. And sure enough I was stuck at 9/10 in Sunset Hills. Luckily, this side mission occurs relatively soon. But you do have to go back and get all 40, starting from 0 again. Since the biohazard piles you have to burn aren't actually glitched but instead the map showing you their location is, a map of all 40 will probably make its way to the internet soon and will preclude anyone having to start over.
  10. Well, I got 39/40. There was one lone zombie (usually they're in twos) in Sunset Hills so I'm guessing that's where one glitched out. I'm stuck at 9/10 in that area.
  11. Nice write up, man. I'll be putting this to use when I get home this evening!
  12. How do I get them back once they teleport to the safehouse?
  13. Solo has Casual, Regular, and Hardcore difficulties now. Custom has Regular and Hardcore. From what I've been told Hardcore includes friendly fire and the added dynamic that skill points are only earned by completing challenges. Along with more enemies, more frequently, and the larger aliens sooner introduced. Now the question is, can the achievements still be unlocked on Casual?
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