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  1. I'm having a real hard time stealing the military fighter jet and getting it added to my hanger...... is there anyway I could steal the jet and use the code to lose my wanted level, save it in my hanger then turn off my xbox ...... just so its freakin saved in my hangar or will that disable my achievements forever
  2. Presidential pack: George washington mask Abe Lincoln mask George w. Bush mask Obama mask Comic pack: male superhero outfit (don't remember name) Female amazon outfit Comander and chief pack: uncle sam hat Uncle sam outfit Screaming eagle plane Mericua weapon All avaiable after you unlock the "ship"
  3. Not the case..... already a well known error.... I'm sportin a star wars box and it happens ocasionally... just eject it and it'll work
  4. I understand and appreciate the heads up.... I went through that thread already and with the hundreds of posts on it..... maybe 1 of those people even know what I'm refering to and is only 50% likely to even be able to do it...... literally maybe .7 percent of people that play zombies are going to be able to do this it's a very specific secret...... hence needing its own thread but I can't really describe the reward otherwise everybody and their mother is going to say they can do it when they really can't
  5. That thread is waaaaaay to filled..... this is for a different very specific purpose.... this is the only way to separate it from general players..... the people with the same content as me right now I'll know what I'm talking about
  6. I already have the Easter egg done for Richtofen...... To be clear: I need 2-3 people that have the Richtofen easter egg on ALL 3 maps (tranzit, die rise, buried) All 3 maps need to be Blue with lightning bolts coming out of the icon which means all 3 maps have the Richtofen easter egg and nav cards done..... If you are still reading this and know what I'm talking about shoot me a message here or on xbl.... or even friend request..... Not to be a jerk but it'll be immediately obvious if you don't have these steps done so please don't waste my time..... Again looking for 2-3 people that have their shit together with their zombie game to do the master egg on buried.... hit me up.... thanks guys
  7. Omg thanks soooooo much I was getting pissed lol...... can we pin this tip or add it to that roadmap?
  8. ?so what was the verdict are all 5 DLC is included in the 560 Microsoft Points purchase? I'm looking to make that same purchase today
  9. How the hell do you beat the highmaster? I can only get him to 76%......... I know it'll be something stupid.... I got all 4 spots on his knees shorting out, and in fact one of them is on fire.... but I can't damage him anymore..... Help please!
  10. Yes it does.... hit I believe the X button on the career map
  11. I haven't had this much fun playing need for speed in a long time!
  12. hiya its happened to me at first I thought he was talking about the dog outfit..... so I bought it (which is okay because it's actually really funny especially when you do the rodeo to somebody ) ....... but jasper still won't shut up about those damn weapons
  13. so is this still going on if so add me my gamertag is the same as my handle
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