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  1. Anyone having any luck with unlocking achievements? I have seven to go and they're all stuck. I've crafted all themes but neither "Decorator" or "Interior Decorator" have unlocked. EDIT: Fired up the game on Xbox One (I mostly play on Windows 10) and "Decorator" randomly popped, but not "Interior Decorator". Weird.
  2. "Overseer" decided to randomly pop today, even though I'd leveled up several dwellers to 50 some time ago. Hopefully the others will follow... EDIT: Also, the tracking for the 20 legendary weapons and outfits achievements has gone up, but not as high as it should be - do these need to be unique? I think I have a few double ups.
  3. The only thing different was that I opened the Windows 10 "Xbox" app to check the achievement tracking, and somehow I had been logged out of it. Once I logged back in I saw that some achievements were tracking properly again. I have two vaults. Unfortunately when I got the 100 quests achievements, it didn't trigger any of the others I'd already met the requirements for.
  4. Weirdly, after all locked achievements stopped tracking for a while, some (but not all) have started tracking again. I'm only two quests away from the "complete 100 quests" achievement, so hopefully if that unlocks correctly it might trigger some of the others to do the same.
  5. Is this the Xbox One version? I've had no problems installing the Windows 10 version but the Xbox One version did stop installing at one point, although it eventually installed.
  6. The last two are definitely do-able although time consuming (I've done them on the Bethesda.net PC version of the game) but the first is ridiculous. I used the exploit to get lunchboxes, and after over 400 lunchboxes I'm at 12 legendary dwellers.
  7. I believe that agility is the stat for the rate at which weapons are used. So a dweller with high agility and a high damage weapon will do a lot of damage in a short time.
  8. Same problem here. Working ok on Windows 10 though.
  9. Pretty sure this is some kind of glitch/error. I noticed the same thing looking at my achievements page on the official Xbox website. If you click on the "correct" version, it goes to a page listing all the achievements for the game as is normal, but if you click on the other one you get an error page with "Ooops! What happened to this page?". I've also noticed other games (not backwards compatible ones) showing up twice for no apparent reason.
  10. I installed the main game from the disc, then inserted the DLC disc. Initially it simply started up the main game, and I went to the DLC section and all DLC was showing up as full price. However, after quitting and restarting, it queued all the DLC for download.
  11. Dogmeat pretty much loves you no matter what you do doesn't he?
  12. I ended up going back to an earlier save, as I hadn't done All Sugared Up but had cleared all the areas of the park, so I thought it would be better for that achievement too anyway. First thing I did was go and pick up the Nuka Cooler and Nuka Xtreme recipes. The achievement I'm really not looking forward to is the 100,000 tickets one.
  13. There are two alternative rewards based on your choice at the end of the quest. One is significantly better than the other.
  14. Nuka Power is a good one too. The weird thing with this achievement is that the most useful variants for it don't actually give you any real advantage in combat, as extra carry weight doesn't really help you kill things.
  15. Same problem here. There's a trick to glitch through the scenery using power armor but it's very fiddly and I haven't got it to work yet.
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