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  1. If you need help with any MP achievements I can help. GT: CSARdiver
  2. Going for 5* is everything to do with making combos and not so much the number of kills. Weaken large ships and finish 3-4 off within seconds of one another to pull off higher scores. Continually tell your wingmen to either follow you or send them after a target far away to ensure they do not take your targets. Use Left Trigger liberally to line up the next shot and keep those kills coming in rapid succession. There is no difficulty modifier so do yourself a favor and make your 5* run on easy.
  3. Once I learned where the Beehives are this took two runs. I have the top shot elite which definitely helps on this. Use classic hunter sense and use the shotgun. My first run I missed one beehive just after you startle the heard and had to reload the checkpoint once, but other than that it was not too bad.
  4. Looking to boost Kill Stealer - usually on around 9pm - 12am CST, but can work around to get this one. Send message to CSARdiver. Edit - completed and returned.
  5. Been wanting time to dedicate to this game for ages. Wife and kids out of town last weekend and blew through normal and zealot runs with minimal deaths, figure I'd make my first run on Hardcore. Breezing through the first few encounters and got one shotted by the necro running through the stasis chamber being so used to my maxed out stasis module.
  6. Saw your post in the BlackWater thread - are you ONI?

  7. CSARdiver


    I am very curious, but apprehensive about this game - just as I was with Rogue Warrior. The men these games are based upon are the best of the best, but that does not necessarily make a great transition to the gaming experience.
  8. Outstanding guide! Thanks for all the work that went into this.
  9. Just completed it - make sure you are doing the level variations on Ignition mode and not on leaderboards - those evidently do not count. Good luck!
  10. I am having the same issue with no joy. Completed each playthrough and am not getting credit for the run. I noticed on my first runs the decision trees were highlighted, but now only display the highlights from the most recent run. Looking for a fix...
  11. The only one I'm having an issue with is Alaska as the terrain is all sloped an uneven, making shotlines impossible. That along with the lagging video and the animals pulling off moves that would make Nightcrawler proud... I noticed if you back into a rock or similar wall the animals behave differently and rarely attack - shooting is difficult here, but it allows you to gain some health and catch your breath if surrounded.
  12. Having just cleared this I believe it is the "Protector" optional achievement - clearing out the area of snakes. There are 4? hanging from trees you need to kill.
  13. I have posted on GFWL and sent numerous emails to Tik Games with no response, so guessing no fix. It is a very fun game, but glitched achievements get annoying.
  14. I have emailed and written the developers multiple times with no hint of a patch in the works. I am really getting irritated with the quality control. Every achievements needs to be flushed out and verfified prior to release. I would love to buy another GFWL title, but this crap is ridiculous.
  15. I would like to thank those who have helped me finally break this record. Was hoping the last LOTR:BFMEII would be the one to pop, but any one will do. Thanks to x360a for your excellent guides, outstanding members, and continuing contributions to achievement hunting. Looking forward to the next 100k
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