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  1. Hmm I guess some of them are still bugged for me then, I guess I'll focus my attention else where in the game for a couple more patches then. Thanks for the help.
  2. Has anyone figured out how to get these two? I run exclusively with no lights on and I have tried playing instruments as I sink, I still don't have these two despite other achievements unlocking.
  3. Thanks man I think that was it, I sneaked the entire way there after killing the three in the main hall and found no bodies in there. I thought that too as every time I had gotten to that area there were always bodies, however I was always short of the 26 people I needed dead by that point by the same number of bodies by that pipe.
  4. Yea I'm wondering if I should kill the three in the lobby first and then B-line it right to the area and see if that works, the only thing I can think is one of my other encounters is causing some disturbance that attracts one of them and blows the pipe.
  5. Every time I go into the fitness center there is fire coming from the pipe on the right and there are 1-2 bodies, any idea why it is going off like that?
  6. It appears you have to reinstall if it glitches out on you, I found someone in the YT comments who had the same problem and that was how they got it working again. Just in the off chance someone else thinks they may have the problem here is a way to make sure, if you throw the grenade but it does not suck you toward it you probably have the chip set on. As Genesis x360a mentioned it will prevent you from being sucked in, you can still be moved by objects getting sucked in so it's best to use two grenades; one to clear the area out and the second to test yourself. I made sure I had no chips installed and would use the recycle grenade, I would be dragged to it but I would still have ten health left. I tested different angles to make sure I wasn't too far out or too close but had the same results. So if nothing is working try to reinstall the game.
  7. Hrmm, I'll give it a try again.
  8. I have tried to get this and can not get it to work, I even looked up a few videos on this to make sure I am doing it correctly. Has anyone else had this problem or am I attempting to do this too early?
  9. It took me 76 hours and 44 minutes, but I did spend a bit of that doing stupid stuff with my friends and chasing each other down trying to run over the others.
  10. Did you make sure to look under gadgets? it's not a primary or secondary weapons so if you are trying to find it under those menus you will not see it. Should you still not see it under the support class gadgets my next question will be are you sure that you downloaded the giants shadow map, those are the only reasons why I could see you not seeing it.
  11. Hahaha sucks for him! on most games I end up with a 1:1 k/d, my main goal is running in a reviving/ healing the shit out of everyone. I have gone 3-4 lives without a kill but I stay near the top of the leader board by all the points I get from capping points and saving people, when I am in an area with no one needing a revive I can get roughly 4-5 kills before dying. I really wish that more people realized that those "scrubs" with more deaths than kills at the top of the leader board aren't there through 'hax,' they are there because they PTFO and played their class. So far my best game was on Suez where my team capped B and we had set up a line of assault/support up front on the dunes and 5-6 of us medics behind them, when someone went down you saw a mad scramble as all the medics converged to revive the downed teammates. We would occasionally pop up and fire off some pot-shots, the support guys would throw down ammo and while we were holding that line the tanks went around the flanks and capped C. By far the most enjoyable and most team work oriented game I have ever played in on BF1, I really wish all my games were that coordinated but sadly I tend to be able to only rely on my Squad of friends.
  12. It's starting to sound like they don't 'build and improve' upon the last game they made, more like they look at what was liked and not liked and then half ass throw it all together. I would have thought that they would take their patches and find a way to work it into the base code so they don't have to fix the exact same bug each time. It happened in BF 3 too? I must have gotten lucky that my friends were late getting the game then, I still can't believe that this stuff has been worked out of the base code yet.
  13. Lawrence of Arabia gun is in the Sniper class it's called Lawrence of Arabia's SMLE (iirc), the red baron pack gives you a skin for the fighter airplane and a pistol called the red barons pistol and the hell fighter pack gives you a shotgun that can be used with the assault class I believe. When it comes to the Behemoth skins I am not sure if they are auto applied or if you have to be lucky enough to be able to highlight it and then "customize" it like all the other guns/vehicles.
  14. Yes it's BF4 all over again, I don't know if this also happened in HL as I never played it but I would think they would have this shit sorted after patching it in BF4.
  15. I've ended up dead so many times because the AI prevents me from getting far enough away from a grenade or something, even worse is when it doesn't out right kill me and I crawl right up to them and they just ignore me as a scion or something charges from clean across the map to curb stomp me in front of them.
  16. I knew those doors weren't there for show, great it looks like I am not able to get anything from there.
  17. I did this in the warren, after getting the second part to the FL-1R frame a purple guy comes out of the ground and behind him is one of those self healing nets. So long as you make sure you don't kill the little holes those guys are coming out of you can kill them and they keep coming out, I was able to get up to 75 before ammo was what killed my combo.
  18. Actually over in r/Deusex someone found that there is a little more to it than that; I don't want to spoil anything, but from what this guy posted and how he backed it up by showing the official concept art book confirmed it, makes a ton of sense for the alarm.
  19. Don't forget that some of these only last a few seconds so you only be getting one kill before the effect wears off, I would suggest using the mixes that add like +60 carry weight as those last about 8 minutes iirc.
  20. For some stupidly awful reason my hop shot game stopped working, I was able to do your method once on each lane before they all stopped letting me put tokens in. I am finally done, I will probably finish off Deus Ex so I can try to forget the frustration of this achievement and then come back to my modded character.
  21. Hmmm... I wonder if I have trouble with this because I still have crouch mapped to RS, I can only get to like 700 because part way through the hoop stops recognizing the ball as going in. I then have to stand up and wait a second before starting again, quite annoying when you just want to get this achievement over with. Thanks for the tip Pants Party.
  22. I hate this ticket achievement, once I get it I think I am going to need a break from fallout just because of that achievement.
  23. Yea I took notice to that like three levels before beating the game, I was so mad at myself for not paying enough attention to see that tip. I wish they did the same thing for number codes.
  24. Hey I just got into that room, it's part of a side mission that starts as a point of interest. I was walking by one of those glass advertisements in the street when it started acting weird and saying something like "1101011" I then inspected it and voice comes over saying they found you now you need to find them. Just follow that mission and eventually you will end up in the room with the shields and the person helping you turns on the power to the keypad. Edit: At the end of the mission you get a secret achievement and shortly after it disappears there is a great opportunity to get the Invisible War achievement, there is a quick save right after you are finished talking but I would make a manual save so if you mess up you can reload and try it again.
  25. Patch 1.7 broke the Vault-Tec DLC and even made it appear to not be included with the season pass, Bethesda is aware and says that it should be fixed in the next 24 hours. FYI the patch also introduced an infinite load screen bug, if you die/enter a building you will get stuck at a load screen and need to quit the game.
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