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    Marc, 18 year old high school senior.
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  1. Heya! I was wondering, could you make another sig for me? I would really appreciate it! :)

    (I won't post any details yet until you tell me if you are available or not) Thanks!

  2. Either would be great!

  3. Leaning more so to MW3 and ACR haven't really decided yet.

  4. Have you decided on what kind of sig you'd like to create? CnC Kane, MW3, or ACR?

  5. That's perfectly understandable. I'm attending college so I get the schedule issues! If only to be a bigger pain, I've really got my heart on an Assassin's Creed Revelations sig (featuring ezio). I really appreciate it, thanks.

  6. No worries, it has been awhile. But nothing yet unfortunately :( I plan on doing it sometime soon seeing as done school for the summer.

  7. Hey, not to be a pest, but is there any update on my sig?

  8. I'm in SPACE! Funniest thing in a very funny game. I would imagine Kane from C&C will have more, as it's been around for fifteen plus years. MW3 was only leaked like a week ago.

  9. Yes, the space personality sphere. As for the request the C&C or MW3 will work just fine, I'll just see which has more to work with.

  10. Hey I was wondering if I can change my request? I'm now desiring a Kane sig (from the Command and Conquer series). Or Modern Warfare 3, and still interested in Deus Ex. What ever interests you more; you are the artist after all. I'd be very happy any of these. Thanks again :) lol I hope I'm not being a pain in the rear!

  11. Thanks, can't wait! To which are you referring? The I'm In Space one, or my personal pic?

  12. Sure, I'll add it too my list and try to get to it ASAP, I'm liking the avatar btw. :p

  13. Hey I'm starting to get that itch for a new sig. Would you be interested? I'm thinking Halo Reach, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or even Starcraft 2. As always I'm sure, if you're interested, you'll come up with something thoroughly bad ass ;) Thanks!

  14. Thanks! Take your time.

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