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  1. I unbox the controller here! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZtPOk73kfY]Unboxing Plus Mad Dog McCree Giveaway - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Guide has been updated to reflect the final patches for this game. Enjoy!
  3. In the 2nd playthrough of Adventure mode I got the Nom Nom Nom achievement for myself in 1-3 and I got the achievement on my son's gamertag on 1-6. Shouldn't be too tough. Just watch the video on the Achievement Guide on how to get it. I would try to keep playing 1-3 of the 2nd Playthrough until you get it. Good luck!
  4. I normally play in unranked matches. I still get quitters that is so stupid, but they quit out less.
  5. Fucking figures. I was really looking forward to this. Oh well! Microsoft fucks it up again!
  6. Thanks guys. I am really digging this MvC3 game. I like it a whole lot better than the Street Fighter 4 titles.
  7. How is your button layout. Mine is like this... low, med, assist 1 special, high, assist 2 Works fairly well. I like how I can use the A button as special and hit one of the attack buttons at the same time with my A button with ease. Definately get a fight pad. I may pick up two more. My Akuma fight pad has gotten a lot of use with SF4 and SSF4.
  8. Is it not showing the gamercards on the left hand side of the screen for you other folks as well? Remember when we were able to see our gamercards on the left hand side of the screen?
  9. I do have turbo but seldom use it. It is good for missions though when you need to quickly link combos, but it also hinders your air combos. So when the mission starts the air combo I have to turn turbos off my fight pad. Dude Moe...Arthur almost lost that damn match for me. I am comforable with Haggar and Wolverine, but dude Arthur almost lost it for me.
  10. Gray Delta here is the book that I read to learn so much about Arcade Cabinet building. Also join the forums over at byoac.com. They helped me big time...See I never did any woodworking in my life. So this was a new experience for me, and in the future I will do a video talking to the viewers on how I built the Arcade machine...I will come at the fans live with a more normal voice. The Great Legend goes over the top sometimes. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and check out my future videos. Oh and before I forget here is the link to the book. http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?lt1=_blan...ins=047089153X
  11. Good question! It cost me around $1500 - $1750... I only needed 3 sheets of Birch Ply that were 4ft x 8ft but bought 4 sheets because I fucked up on my control panel top a couple of times. So 4 sheets at about $40 a piece. So that was about $160. TV was about $299 I use s-video on it Computer I built was about $500 Various Arcade buttons and the black 8-way Happ Super Joysticks ($8.95) Microswitches came with the buttons they were about $1.25 each... My Dedicated 4-way Ms. pacman/Galaga 20 year reunion stick was about $25. USB Track ball was like $125 I think. The SlikStik Spinner knob also USB was about $119...Coin door was over $150 I think can't quite remember. Various runs to Radio Shack for copper wire. Screws, wood filler, STAIN, man all that stuff. It really adds up quick. So it was around $1500-$1750...I am part of a good community and the guy that runs the site John St. Clair just had his 2nd Edition of his book come out called Project Arcade.
  12. Thanks...My Mame Arcade Cab took about 9 months to build...Currently I have 5 sets of gaming consoles/emulators... MAME (ARCADE) Daphne Laserdisc Games American Laser Games Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Master System
  13. Yeah all three of the preview pics weren't that great. One didn't show much on my Arcade Screen. One was like a black picture, and the other was the booger picking picture, but it looked like the best one. LOL!
  14. Thanks for re-living the history with me. I know the Great Legend persona can be over the top sometimes. That is just for the added entertainment. My favorite of the group is also Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter!
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