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  1. I put it on 10 because trying to catch ALL Boss Fish in almost impossible even trying to follow guides where others have caught one doesn´t mean it is always there.
  2. Winning all the Season Races and getting gold on ALL Events is going to take alot of grinding and practice. Think it´s going to be way more than 100 hours to complete it.
  3. I am looking to complete the Online Achievements as well, if anyone wants to hit me up we could complete it. GT " LeMansFahrer " my timezone is (Germany) GMT+1
  4. Thanks for the help, I struggled getting those "A" Ranks, at least now I know how to get them
  5. Sorry to read that you are having problems. I just tried it again on my wife´s account and worked first time again for me. Hope you get it going
  6. Time Trials are not that hard, you just ned to get used to the Track and sort out your "Setting - Box". I used Speed - Maximum Acceleration - one less than Max Brakes - 2 Turbo 1 Tires - 3 The Campaign made me rage now and then because the opponents keep on aiming for me but can be done hope it helps
  7. Hi everyone Just wanted to let everyone know that the 4 Player Multiplayer Achievement can be done with 3 other Controllers. As soon as you go to the Menu "choose what Track" achievement unlocks, no need to race at all. easy 200G
  8. It´s been on the Marketplace since March 11th and cost here in Germany 5 Bucks or 20 Bucks if you want the extra Characters and Maps. The game is VERY easy, all you need to do is upgrade the weapon you feel comfortable with, after that it´s extremely easy. Alot of grinding needs to be done to get the 30 Daily Missions, sometimes you need 1000 Bunny kills and that gets boring
  9. I grinded the "money" for the weapons in the Prolog, very first chapter. You get about 30-35 each run. Grinding the others, I did also in the Prolog, chapter 3. btw. THAT Achievement did NOT unlock for me either
  10. Reaper Festival #39 will be on August 8th. ALL information about it can be seen in THIS thread
  11. Congrats We will be having another Reaper Festival on Saturday August 8th. Send me a message " LeMansFahrer " on XBox Live and I will make sure that you earn your Medal and Weapon Skin. All information about the event including a link to send me a message, can be seen HERE Looking forward to it
  12. Yes, I think it is coming to you on the 21st. Lucky that the game is coming on the XBox One now, then it gets released worldwide like it should be
  13. Hi everyone Just wanted to let everyone know that Gears 3 will be available from July 16th for Free if you have a Gold Membership.
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