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  1. They looked impressive again tonight against the Canucks. I wouldn't count them out given there are a number of inconsistent teams near the bottom of the Western standings. I keep waiting on a big Kings win streak but not so sure if that is going to happen. The loss of Voynov this year but keeping his salary on their cap is hurting them quite a bit.
  2. I think it may be one more bad year for both the Sabres in the East and Flames in the West before the young guys really start to step it up for the respective teams. The scary part about rebuilding is a team like Edmonton who a number of years into their rebuild are still horrible. A bunch of people, myself included, have penciled Edmonton in to compete for a playoff spot in the past couple of years and instead they have been horrendous. That being said I don't think Calgary or Buffalo are going to follow in that path. I like the leadership groups in both markets a lot better from the front office down.
  3. Buffalo should be good in a couple of years now though I think. They have a solid coach in Nolan and are starting to get their management group together. Rebuilds suck in that you have to endure some crappy years but it should pay off in a couple of years. That is unless you are the Edmonton Oilers.
  4. I always hate when they do these super deluxe editions as it always punishes people who have been loyal from the start and have bought the seasons to date. I'm with you Walter and am hoping one of my friends picks up the barrel edition so I can watch all of the extras.
  5. They definitely couldn't get any worse. They will likely need a couple of years to rebuild but should be good again in a couple of years with the impressive young talent they will be able to obtain. So there have been shake-ups now in Philadelphia, Florida and Buffalo. Edmonton next?
  6. I know I am a little late in the game on this one but I am currently looking for a partner for Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries and Mercenaries Reunion Co-Op SS ranks. Yes there are no achievements tied to this but I really enjoy the mode and would love to have the co-op SS ranks to go with my solo SS ranks. Send me a message on here or on Xbox Live if you are interested. Thanks! Update: Message received and I now have a partner. Thanks.
  7. I was definitely not a huge fan of this DLC but to say it is the worst is definitely not accurate IMO. After playing Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot for Borderlands I can soundly say that that is the worst DLC that I have ever played. I never had fun with that DLC at all. At least with this one I enjoyed it for maybe a week and then it really started to annoy me. The ability to not shoot while running and people leaving mid-match definitely soured the experience for me.
  8. Feel free to add me as well 'Freshflock.' It would be nice to get that medal.
  9. I am excited for the new DLC but would love them to increase the backpack storage.
  10. I'm cheering for Pittsburgh now. Would like to see Jarome Iginla win a cup.
  11. vester - Pale Rider "Short Range+" Lv.5 slot 5 radioman - L. Hawk Lv.3 slot 4
  12. Thoughts on the 2nd round so far? For me I am shocked how bad New York has been. I really thought that they would match up better against Boston than they are showing thus far. Their lack of scoring and horrendous Power Play have killed them in the series thus far. Also, I am pleasantly surprised with how Detroit has done thus far against Chicago. Detroit seems to be the real deal and are getting some unreal goaltending from Jimmy Howard.
  13. Hey everyone. I am heading to Seattle this weekend with some friends. Does anyone from that area have any recommendations?
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