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  1. yea its quite a bit. Think just going to get the deluxe. Never got anyone decent in the packs so not going to spend more mony and least you get something back from it next year
  2. Not pre ordered yet. Dont know whether to get the deluxe or the special deluxe one
  3. Plummer joe was still locked for me. Just replayed the level on free play and he unlocked. Thanks
  4. Ive completed the game but its still got plummer joe locked. I dont get why its locked and his not there in the location he would be to unlock. Help please
  5. Ive got the 125/125 so i was just wondering will there be any more DLC to this game?
  6. Thank you. If you do miss the photo album the first time you do get another chance to get it
  7. Thank you again. Gonna do the last 2 episodes tomorrow
  8. How do you get trixie to talk to the cop?
  9. I am having the same problem to and played it twice and followed every step
  10. Ive had problems with that one too. I got the achievements for it but the stats are saying otherwise
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