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  1. I've not played a Yu-gi-oh game since Dawn of Destiny for Original Xbox. Could someone give me a good Destiny Board decklist for this game?
  2. If your on Bahamut Server and still need this achievement. I'm gathering people up for an all day session to do this on April 30th.
  3. If your on Bahamut and still need this achievement. I'm gathering people up for an all day session to do this on April 30th.
  4. Hey everyone I need help with achievements I'm gonna be playing all this month to hopefully get them all by New years. If anyone wants to help or needs some help drop me a message at GT: Obscurum Animus. I'll be doing alot of Texas Heat and multiplayer to get the 2500 hands and 200 knockouts.
  5. From this weekend till I am complete the online achievements. Every weekend I'll be playing this online just waiting in the lobby for people to show up and playing. If you want to boost achievements then send me a message if you see me on and we'll work something out alright. You might have heard me do this in Singularity which in the end worked out fine. This is the same thing just a waiting game for me.
  6. Playing Terraria all weekending thoughout November. If anyone wants to join then send me a message at my gamertag. Gonna try to knock out the rest of my achievements. Also willing to help people with theirs also. Gonna start up a multiplayer world for anyone that wants to play if I get enough players. GT: Obscurum Animus.
  7. Looking for someone to boost this achievement with. GT: Obscurum Animus
  8. Looking for people to boost achievements with. I need all of them. I'm on from 6AM EST to 6PM EST.
  9. I could really use some help doing all the co-op EA trials. My gamertag is Obscurum Animus. I'm always up between Noon EST and 4am EST.
  10. Could someone 4 star rate my trial please? My trial is called Battlefield and it's a 1 player trial.
  11. Need someone to help me with achievements. Need the ones where you gotta do everything in coop. I'm on between Noon EST till 9PM EST. If you wanna do this then send me a message on Xbox Live at Obscurum Animus.
  12. Need 2 people to help me with MP achievements please. I'm on between 6PM EST till 9AM EST.
  13. Can you do them on Player Match or do they have to be Ranked?
  14. I'm doing this game every weekend till I complete all MP achievements. I leave it on Saturdays I stay in Creatures Vs. Soldiers and Sundays in Extermination. Since I am host it's always open and I leave it on nonstop so people if there's enough can play without worrying about the host leaving due to boredom. Only time I leave is if the internet goes down which is once in a while. But if anyone needs these achievements I am always on during the weekend. Just don't freak out if I am not playing in game since I might be asleep or something.
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